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Experience the power of our MarTech services with custom-built apps. Automate marketing tasks, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth.

Supercharge Your Marketing with Custom MarTech Apps

Tired of repetitive tasks and siloed data? We build custom MarTech apps that automate workflows, improve efficiency, and empower data-driven decisions.

Insights into our app performance

Increase in Customer Engagement

Boost in Marketing Efficiency

Improvement in Marketing ROI

Our Step-by-Step MarTech Solution Development Process

Our toolkit

Hyper-Targeted Lead Generation

Hyper-Targeted Lead Generation

Develop custom in-app features or integrate with marketing automation platforms to capture user data and preferences. Use this data to make highly targeted ad campaigns and personalize user journeys to significantly improve your lead quality.

Streamlined Customer Acquisition

Streamlined Customer Acquisition

Build user-friendly onboarding experiences within your app. Integrate social media logins and referral programs. It will reduce friction and incentivize new user acquisition.

Data-Driven Customer Engagement

Data-Driven Customer Engagement

Implement features that gather user behavior and feedback. Develop in-app analytics dashboards to understand user preferences and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

Personalized Marketing Automation

Personalized Marketing Automation

Craft automated push notifications, email campaigns, and in-app messages based on user data and behavior. This allows for highly relevant promotions and personalized recommendations, fostering deeper customer relationships.

Enhanced Brand Advocacy

Enhanced Brand Advocacy

Develop features that encourage user-generated content and social sharing. Integrate loyalty programs and gamification elements to incentivize user engagement and brand advocacy, leading to organic brand promotion.

Our 'secret' behind your success

Consistent process

We follow a proven, consistent process for every project. This ensures a smooth workflow and successful outcome – when the process works, the results do too.

Transparent pricing

We offer clear and predictable pricing for all projects, regardless of your business size or revenue. Our consistent pricing model ensures you know exactly what to expect.

1-on-1 communication

We prioritize open and consistent communication throughout your project. We'll be readily available to answer your questions and keep you informed on every step.

Flexible approach

Our approach is flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you require assistance with a single project or seek a long-term partnership, we're happy to work on projects of any size.

Design strategy

We'll collaborate closely with you to understand your goals. This collaborative approach allows us to design a solution that perfectly meets both your and your audience's needs.

All needs covered

We offer comprehensive product support and maintenance, handling everything from infrastructure management and bug fixes to ongoing development. We've got you covered – all your product needs are in good hands.

Success stories

TikTok Style Social Commerce Mobile App
16 weeksfrom idea to launch
25% boostin brand sales
2x moreuser engagement
logo of TikTok Style Social Commerce Mobile App

I was pleased with RaftLabs team's quality, consistency and execution.

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Dr.J. Ayo AkinyelePresident, Co-Founder, Yeletech Security Inc & Bolt
Flag of USA

Our Core Focus Areas for Custom MarTech Solutions

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks like email campaigns, lead scoring, and social media scheduling, freeing your team for strategic initiatives.

Data Integration & Analytics

Connect your MarTech tools, gain holistic insights from unified data, and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Deliver targeted content, trigger automated interactions based on behavior, and build stronger customer relationships.

Content Personalization

Leverage customer data to automatically tailor messaging and offers, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

ROI Optimization

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) across channels, measure ROI, and gain data-driven insights for strategic decisions.

Seamless AI Integration

Embed AI into your marketing workflows seamlessly, maximizing its potential without technical complexity.

RaftLabs Soars as Clutch Champion &Global Award Winner!

Industry accolades, client satisfaction - it's a winning combination! Earning both the Clutch Champion and Global Award in 2023, RaftLabs is proud to be recognized for exceptional custom software development and exceeding client expectations on a global scale.

Clutch Global Fall 2023
Clutch Champion Fall 2023

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  • What is MarTech (Marketing Technology)?

    Marketing technology, or martech, is a term used to define the software and technology used by marketing professionals to promote services, attract and retain customers. These tools save time as they streamline and automate processes. They help marketers to understand the marketing efforts better.

  • What is Marketing Tech Stack?

    Marketing tech stack is the list of tools and services marketing professionals use to execute their marketing activities, from content creation, promotion on search engines and social media, lead generation to email marketing. There are thousands of such tools and services. You can leverage many tools to achieve your marketing objectives.

  • When should I invest in a custom MarTech solution?

    If you or your clients use multiple 3rd party services every day in your marketing campaigns, chances are you're wasting a lot of human hours doing redundant things. And these processes are prone to manual errors. These tasks and processes can be automated by building a hybrid solution to save you time and build more robust workflows.

  • Why should I work with RaftLabs?

    We've built and launched multiple SaaS projects for our clients in this space. So we naturally understand these marketing tools very well. We can help you design a solution that effectively saves you time and goes to market faster.

    How is the technology used in marketing?

    Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is using technology in marketing today. Some of the standard technology tools and platforms used in marketing are as follows :

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A keyword research tool such as ahrefs is an example of a Martech tool.

    • Content marketing: A content creation, management, and marketing platform such as WordPress or Webflow.

    • Social media marketing: A social media publishing platform such as Buffer is a Martech tool for social media marketing.

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Google Ads is an example of a Martech tool for SEM.

  • Who generally builds MarTech solutions or products?

    We've worked with startup founders, small and medium businesses, agencies, and even larger enterprises. Startup founders identify the target niche and want to solve a specific marketing activity problem. On the other hand, agencies approach us to build automated workflows. So it really varies from what stage you are at in your marketing journey effort and what problem you're facing.

  • How long would it take to build a MarTech solution?

    • New SaaS MVP: Generally, it takes about 8-10 weeks from the start.

    • Hybrid solutions with integrations: It would take 2 weeks to 8 weeks based on the complexity and integration needs.

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