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  • How long will it take to develop my product?

    We use a phased approach to development, typically launching web/mobile apps in 12-14 weeks. This includes design, development, and testing.

  • How much will it cost to develop my product?

    Costs are based on the estimated time required for development. Here's a general range:

    • Small projects (4-5 features): US$10-25k

    • Medium projects (6-9 features): US$25-50k

    • Big projects (10-15+ features): US$50k+

    For a more precise quote, contact us for a free consultation.

  • What services do you offer?

    We are a software development agency specializing in web, mobile, and AI development for SaaS businesses, enterprises, agencies, and SMBs.
    We can help you with:

    • Building new products from scratch

    • Improving existing apps

    • Completing projects started by other developers

  • Where is your team located?

    Our team is spread across the globe! Our technical team of over 50+ members is based in India, and we have business functions in both the US and Ireland. This allows us to combine the expertise of our technical team with strong business acumen from the US and Ireland.

  • What are the advantages of working with RaftLabs?

    When you choose RaftLabs, you're gaining a partner with several key advantages:

    • Product Focus: We're passionate about building successful software products and prioritize understanding your users' needs.

    • Deep Expertise: Our specialty is web, mobile, and AI development for media, marketing tech, healthcare, EdTech, and e-commerce. It means we can deliver exceptional solutions in these areas.

    • Founders' Touch: Our founders work directly with you to tackle challenges and implement innovative solutions.

    • Transparent Pricing: We prioritize your needs and provide fair, competitive rates.

    • Full-Service Coverage: We handle all development stages, from the initial concept to launch and ongoing maintenance.

    • Agile Approach: We use a bi-weekly sprint development process to ensure clear communication throughout the entire project.

  • What kind of software have you developed in the past?

    We have a diverse portfolio encompassing various projects, including:

    • Communication & Collaboration Tools: SaaS platforms for real-time communication and engagement, designed to replace platforms like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

    • Interactive Audio Experiences: Audio chat web and mobile applications similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, as well as survey apps.

    • Video Workflow Solutions: Custom software for building live and on-demand video workflows for web, mobile apps, and set-top boxes (STBs).

    • Telehealth Technology: Custom web and mobile app platforms used in telehealth solutions within the healthcare industry.

    • Loyalty & Rewards Programs: Development of large-scale loyalty program web and mobile apps for global brands.

    • Growth Marketing Tools: Referral marketing platforms for businesses in both tech and non-tech sectors.

    • Live Video Commerce Solutions: Live video commerce solutions to facilitate audience engagement on social media platforms, ideal for growing DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands.

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