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Your design, our execution. We can take development of your to-do list and let you focus on the client needs.

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Refer us to your clients for development, this gives you a chance to take projects that require a lot of development.

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Flexible tech stack to execute your vision.


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Test your products with us.

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  • Who are we, and who are our clients?

    We RaftLabs, are a SaaS and custom software development company building web and mobile applications. We work with businesses of all sizes - from startups, agencies, and enterprise customers. For startups and small businesses, we help them build products from the ground up.

    With enterprise customers, we augment their technical team with our developers on-demand. It saves them time and money.

    We’ve built multiple SaaS products ourselves for B2B space and understand what it takes.

  • What do we focus on?

    We focus on building custom software solutions and SaaS products in the following verticals.

    Media Tech and Communication -

    Building web and mobile apps for live and on-demand audio/video streaming.

    The typical use cases include :

    • Telehealth solutions for remote health care

    • Audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter spaces

    • Enhanced workplace communication to help teams work together and employees get things done.

    • Asynchronous communication for remote teams

    • Live streaming to social media platforms

    • Social commerce

    • Video platforms for marketing and education

    • Complex video engineering workflows for news broadcasters and studios

    Marketing Tech -

    Solving digital marketing problems by building SaaS and custom web and mobile apps for consumer brands, businesses, agencies, and digital marketers

    The typical use cases include :

    • Loyalty and rewards web and mobile apps platforms

    • Viral marketing and referral lead generation platform

    • Growth campaigns and cold mail marketing campaigns systems

    • Social media workflows and integrations with existing CRMs and CMS systems.

    Check out our Portfolio to learn more about clients we’ve served and the projects we’ve completed. Our results are evidence of our dedication to success – check them out!

  • Where are all of the employees located? How many team members do we have?

    We're a team mix of diverse languages, cultures, and varied professional experiences. We are 50+ technical team members based in India with business functions in the US and Ireland.

  • What are the benefits of partnering with RaftLabs?

    • Product Mindset - We’ve been obsessed with SaaS products. We believe in faster go-to-market, user-centric designs, system thinking, and value delivery in each step. 

    • Focus - We play by our strengths in SaaS projects, custom software solutions in media tech, and marketing tech. It helps to get better with every iteration. It is a learning process, and we always aim to provide more value to our customers.

    • Founders-led approach - We as founders work hand in hand with you, focusing on the problems. We consult with innovative approaches. 

    • Transparent pricing - We focus on your needs and find ways to optimize the overall costs. We are flexible, provide a complete breakdown of the efforts and work at reasonable costs. Our sales team will make a rough estimation of your project for free.

    • Full-service coverage - We work with you on various stages of software development. Starting from the product discovery phase, design, development, QA, and DevOps, We also provide support and maintenance for our clients.

    • Process approach - We believe in Agile development with bi-weekly sprints. We catch up once or twice a week as a team with you to go over project progress. We will work with you as one team with ongoing communication via slack channels and Asana. We are open to critical inputs and feedback so that we can improvise effectively.

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