Culture on our Raft

We enjoy what we do :)

Our Principles

RaftLabs is a remote-only company. Or at least we would want to keep it like that. The remote workforce enables us to be deliberate about how we collaborate.

Five remote work principles that guide us on day to day basis.

  1. We write everything in our project management tool. Our thoughts, assumptions, ideas, actions and everything there is. Writing forces us to think better. It's easy to search, read and act on.
  2. We avoid assumptions. We would generally ask or tell if in doubt. It prevents us from avoidable pains and chaos.
  3. We own the outcomes and not tasks. Helps us think beyond our tasks and enables us to be better product builders.
  4. We are prepared before we meet. It saves us time. So that we can also do what we love beyond tech.
  5. We work in async mode. This helps us focus and deep work in the age of distractions.

We're a big fan of product companies like Intercom, Basecamp, Hubspot etc. A lot of our culture is inspired by these great teams.

Our Values

8 things that help us put our 'Raft' back in the right direction.

  1. We believe in trying new ways of doing and failing rather than not doing. We strive to simplify.
  2. One good thing is better than everything.
  3. We try every day to learn. We learn from everyone. Peers, customers, partners, and leaders.
  4. We try to be open and unassuming so that we can grow.
  5. We believe in owning the outcomes and not just tasks.
  6. We run for each other. Our peers, customers, and partners.
  7. We enjoy what we do. :)
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