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I was pleased with RaftLabs team's quality, consistency and execution.

Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

President, Co-Founder, Yeletech Security Inc & Bolt



Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products.

Georgina D.

CEO & Co-Founder,People Supported Technologies

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Georgina D.

Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire



Nuala C.

RaftLabs elevated my ideas and brought them to life when everything seemed impossible.

Grady Lakshmono

CoFounder,Moka (acquired by Gojek) & Gula (acquired by Runchise)



Grady Lakshmono

All of the sprints were completed on schedule and on budget. We highly recommend Raftlabs!

Charles E.

Entrepreneur at Aggie Technologies



Charles E.

Thanks to RL Remotely team for experimenting with an innovative remote work application for employee engagement and enterprise productivity.

Mohit S.

Founder, WorxRemotely



Mohit S.

The project was extremely successful. I can't think of anything I would have changed if we did it again.

Eric M.

Founder at Intrinsic Sales

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Eric M.

Raftlabs is not only our partner, but an integral part of our team and startup!

Tedo S.

CCO and CTO at Fore Coffee



Tedo S.

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Industries we cater to

Loyalty Apps

Loyalty Apps

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Media & Communication

Media & Communication



Our 'secret' behind your success

Consistent process

We have a consistent and tested process for everything. And when the process works - so does the outcome.

Transparent pricing

Clear and predictable pricing for most projects. No matter the size or revenue of your business, our pricing model stays the same - for all projects not most projects

1-on-1 communication

We will stay in communication with you throughout the whole project, answering any questions and covering everything.

Flexible approach

Whether you need help with a single project or looking for a long-term partnership, we can work with a project of any size.

Design strategy

We'll work closely with you to understand your goals and design something you and your audience needs. - design exactly what you and your audience need

All needs covered

We got all your product support and maintenance needs covered. Be it managing the infrastructure, bug fixes or continued development, we will take care of it.

Still curious?

  • What will it cost, and how long will it take to develop my idea into a product?

    Time: Web and Mobile App development or AI development time varies based on the complexity of the product and the solution approach required. However, we help you break down your products into phases so that you can hit the market faster. We generally go from zero to launch (this includes design, development, and testing) in a 12-14-week cycle. We’ve done this for several web/ mobile app platforms. Read our case studies to know how.

    Cost: Pricing is based on the estimated number of days (hours) required for building the product.

    Here are estimates for projects in the different categories:

    • Small projects (a web/ mobile app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 10-25k

    • Middle-sized projects (a web/ mobile app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 25-50K

    • Big projects (a web/ mobile with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): from US$ 50K

    To get more precise information about costs, please set up a free consultation call.

  • Who are we, and who are our clients?

    We are a software development agency with a product mindset. We work with SaaS businesses, SMBs, agencies and enterprises. With our strong expertise in AI development, we offer innovative solutions that drive success for our clients.

  • What do we focus on?

    We focus on building custom software solutions and SaaS products in the following verticals.

    1. Media & Communication Technology

    Build web and mobile apps for live and on-demand audio/video streaming:

    • Telehealth solutions: Empower remote healthcare delivery.

    • Interactive audio apps: Think Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces for communication and wellness.

    • Enhanced workplace communication tools: Streamline teamwork and collaboration.

    • Asynchronous communication for remote teams: Bridge communication gaps.

    • Live streaming to social media platforms: Expand your reach.

    • Social commerce integrations: Combine live streaming with online shopping experiences.

    • Video platforms for marketing and education: Create engaging content for various goals.

    • Complex video engineering workflows: Cater to the needs of news broadcasters and studios.

    2. Marketing Technology

    Develop custom SaaS and web/mobile apps to solve digital marketing challenges:

    • Loyalty & rewards program platforms: Drive customer engagement through mobile apps.

    • Viral marketing & lead generation tools: Craft platforms to generate buzz and attract leads.

    • Growth campaign & cold email marketing systems: Implement effective marketing strategies through custom apps.

    • Social media workflow integrations with existing CRMs and CMS systems: Streamline social media management.

    3. Education Technology (EdTech)

    Create engaging learning experiences for both students and staff:

    • Design interactive learning environments for students: Foster knowledge acquisition through engaging platforms.

    • Equip staff with the necessary skills: Develop applications for staff training and development.

    4. Healthcare (Integrated with Media & Communication Tech):

    Our Media & Communication expertise extends to the healthcare industry:

    • Telehealth solutions: Facilitate remote healthcare delivery.

    • Audio apps supporting health and wellness: Develop apps for meditation, therapy, or other wellness needs.

    Check out our Portfolio to learn more about the clients we’ve served and the projects we’ve completed. Our results are evidence of our dedication to success – check them out!

  • Where are all of the employees located? How many team members do we have?

    We're a team mix of diverse languages, cultures, and varied professional experiences. We are a 50+ product-passionate team based in India with business functions in the US and Ireland.

  • What are the benefits of working with RaftLabs?

    • Product Mindset - We are obsessed with web and mobile app software products. We believe in faster go-to-market, user-centric designs, system thinking, and value delivery in each step.

    • Focus - We play by our strengths in building custom software solutions (web/mobile app) in media, marketing tech, and modern commerce. Our focus helps us to get better with every iteration. Furthermore, we proactively embrace the latest advancements in the market, such as AI development, to stay ahead of the competition.

    • Founders-led approach - We, as founders, work hand in hand with you, focusing on the problems. We consult with innovative techniques.

    • Transparent pricing - We focus on your needs and find ways to optimize the overall costs. We are flexible, provide a complete breakdown of the efforts and work at reasonable prices. Our sales team will make a rough estimation of your project for free.

    • Full-service coverage - We work with you on various stages of software development. Starting from the product discovery phase, design, development, QA, and DevOps support and maintenance for our clients.

    • Process approach - We believe in Agile software development with bi-weekly sprints. We catch up once or twice a week as a team with you to go over the project's progress. We will work with you as one team with ongoing communication via Slack channels and Asana. We are open to critical inputs and feedback to improve outcomes.

  • Can you give an example of software products you’ve already developed in these domains?

    We have developed a wide range of products that have been effectively delivered to our clients, including:

    • SaaS platforms for real-time audio/video communication and engagement for the workplace that replaces Slack, Zoom, and MS Teams.

    • SaaS audio chat web and mobile apps like Clubhouse/ Twitter space and survey apps.

    • Custom software for building OTT live and on-demand video workflows for web, mobile apps, and STBs (set-top boxes).

    • Custom web and mobile app platforms through Telehealth in healthcare solutions.

    • Building massive-scale loyalty web and mobile apps for global brands.

    • Referral marketing platforms for tech and non-tech industries.

    • Live video commerce for engaging with social media audiences for growing DTC brands

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