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Our key focus areas for MVP app development

Future-Proof Solution

Don't just build an app for today, build one that grows seamlessly with your future. We craft core functionalities that solve your users' problems organically, empowering your app to adapt and thrive tomorrow. Let us help you lay the foundation for lasting success in the ever-evolving app landscape.

Verifying Concepts

Skip the guesswork and validate your concept with real users early on. As an MVP software development expert, we ensure that your app solves a problem the market craves, not just one you think it might. We help you build an MVP that resonates with your target audience, setting you on the path to success from the start.

UX Experience

Go beyond functionality with captivating design. We create user interfaces that are as intuitive as they are beautiful, crafting an experience that keeps users engaged and coming back for more. Our MVP development for startups focuses on usability, ensuring your app becomes an organic part of your users' lives.

Scale Effortlessly

From the first line of code, we consider your app's future potential. Our MVP software development process integrates scalability, ensuring your app can handle explosive growth without breaking a sweat. Let us help you build an MVP that's ready to rocket past the competition.

Refine With Feedback

We champion agile development, delivering functional MVPs quickly and iterating based on real user feedback. Get your app in front of users faster and optimize it for continuous improvement. This rapid iteration cycle is a cornerstone of our MVP development for startups.

Letting the figures speak the success of our team

Successful MVPs built

Faster iteration cycles

Product-market fit MVPs

Success stories

food order management
16 weeksto launch MVP version
$ 2500+generated during initial launch phase
0%order errors
Logo of food order management app gula

RaftLabs elevated my ideas and brought them to life when everything seemed impossible.

Photo of Grady Lakshmono
Grady LakshmonoCoFounder,Moka (acquired by Gojek) & Gula (acquired by Runchise)
Flag of Indonesia

Our 'secret' behind your success

Consistent process

We follow a proven, consistent process for every project. This ensures a smooth workflow and successful outcome – when the process works, the results do too.

Transparent pricing

We offer clear and predictable pricing for all projects, regardless of your business size or revenue. Our consistent pricing model ensures you know exactly what to expect.

1-on-1 communication

We prioritize open and consistent communication throughout your project. We'll be readily available to answer your questions and keep you informed on every step.

Flexible approach

Our approach is flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you require assistance with a single project or seek a long-term partnership, we're happy to work on projects of any size.

Design strategy

We'll collaborate closely with you to understand your goals. This collaborative approach allows us to design a solution that perfectly meets both your and your audience's needs.

All needs covered

We offer comprehensive product support and maintenance, handling everything from infrastructure management and bug fixes to ongoing development. We've got you covered – all your product needs are in good hands.

Globally Recognised for Excellence

Award from Sortlist
Award from GoodFirms
Clutch Global Fall 2023
Clutch Top Software Development Companies 2022
Clutch Champion Fall 2023
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Other services we offer

Our toolkit

Minimum Viable Product

Good enough to get you started with early adopters and investors. We’ll help you create a basic but lovable version (MVP) so you can launch quickly.

  • Mobile app and/or web app, AI development

  • Clearly defined project scope and timeline

  • 1-2 core features

  • Simple design

  • Turnaround time: 1-2 months (6-8 weeks)

Full-Featured Product

Get a full-featured market-ready digital product that is very well-designed and ready to scale.

  • iOS, Android app, and web app, AI development

  • Tentatively defined scope

  • Multiple core features

  • Custom design

  • 3rd Party integrations

  • Turnaround time : 3-4 months (12-14 weeks)

Innovative Tech Product

Find the solution to something that needs deeper problem validations or out-of-the-box design experience. Think of AR, VR, AI, next-gen tech, or designing something incredibly sexy.

  • Multi-Platform apps, AI development

  • Highly complex business requirements or problem-solving

  • Bottom-up new designs with engaging animations

  • AR, VR, AI, or anything in deep tech

Industries we cater to

Digital commerce apps
Digital Commerce
Person communicating via online platform
Media & Communication
Healthcare Software Development Services
Image of social media apps on a phone
Loyalty App Development
Loyalty Apps

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Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire



Nuala C.

Raftlabs is not only our partner, but an integral part of our team and startup!

Tedo S.

CCO and CTO at Fore Coffee



Tedo S.

Still curious?

  • What is the cost and time frame of MVP development at RaftLabs?

    Time: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development time varies based on the complexity of the product and the solution approach required. However, we help you break down your products into phases so that you can hit the market faster. We generally go from zero to launch (this includes design, development, and testing) into a 12-14-week cycle. We’ve done this for several web/ mobile app platforms. Read our case studies to know how.

    Cost: Pricing is based on the estimated number of days (hours) required for app development. Most web/ mobile apps with standard features along with costs from USD are given below

    Here are estimates for projects in the different categories/ industries:

    • Small projects (a web/mobile app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 10-25k

    • Middle-sized projects (a web/mobile app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 25-50K

    • Big projects (a web/mobile with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): from US$ 50K

    To get more precise information about the cost of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development, please set up a free consultation call.

  • Before beginning a project, do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

    Yes, at RaftLabs, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning a project to safeguard the information of our clients.

  • Why is it good for startups to outsource their MVP development?

    Outsourcing is often the most excellent choice for idea-driven startups with low-investment ideas for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development. It helps business owners avoid the extra expenses of hiring an in-house app development team. Entrepreneurs can save time and money on technical research, advice, and decision-making by choosing a good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development company. Furthermore, having access to experts with experience and expertise can provide companies with better results.

    RaftLabs is recognized as one of the top app development companies that excel in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development. To arrange a complimentary consultation call with our team of app development experts, please visit our 'Contact Us' page.

  • Are MVPs intended for start-ups rather than established businesses?

    No, that is not true. Well-established business firms frequently use this approach when they build new IT infrastructure from scratch. Large organizations usually use many MVPs for their various projects.

  • I am not a technical person. Can I still understand what will happen during the MVP development?

    Our project managers will explain the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development details from a layman's perspective and help you communicate with the developers. So you don't need to have a tech background to be a part of your app development journey.

  • What app development technologies do you have expertise in?

    We mainly specialize in:

    • Web and mobile app development

    • Cloud computing and Cloud migration

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for audio transcription, text extraction, audio, and video processing

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