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Empowering scalable decision-making through real-time, anonymous voice chat.


Business Context

Businesses often struggle with gathering diverse perspectives and reaching timely decisions. Traditional methods like meetings and surveys can be slow and cumbersome. PSi addresses this by offering a real-time, online platform where teams can engage in anonymous discussions and voting. This fosters increased participation, faster decision-making, and data-driven insights.


Web app


14 weeks


Media and Communication

Our development team focused on building a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform

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Next.js for frontend

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Hasura for data management

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PostgreSQL as the primary database

Partnership Goal

Aligning with our client’s vision, we aimed to transform the way organizations gather insights and reach informed decisions. We were excited by their vision of leveraging technology to address the limitations of traditional methods like focus groups, which are often costly, time-consuming, and limited in reach.


  • Small groups, limited insights.
  • Slow sessions, delayed decisions.
  • High expenses, slow ROI.


  • Engage a much larger audience.
  • Get insights & decide quicker.
  • Save significantly compared to traditional methods.

Team Formation

A dedicated team of nine engineers formed the backbone of the PSi project.

Led by an expert project manager, the team was able to have a wonderful collaboration, tackling challenges like real-time data synchronization and robust platform functionality.

Their combined expertise and efforts resulted in a scalable and user-centric platform, making PSi an amazing scalable platform that can help businesses and other users make decisions easily.

Team Formation

zero to launch

in real-time audio discussions

faster decision-making

Our partnership

This project was quite challenging as this was a new idea. We knew that it was certainly going to revolutionize the approach to decision-making. Aware of the limitations of traditional methods, we combined our expertise with cutting-edge technologies to build a robust platform.

Dynamic Discussion Tables

We optimized the splitting of users into discussion tables with lightning speed. What once took 5-10 seconds for groups of 10+ users, now takes less than 1 second thanks to our code refactoring. This ensures seamless conversation flow and eliminates potential lag, even for large-scale discussions.

Dynamic Discussion Tables

Real-Time Engagement

For having interactive discussions, we integrated Agora to facilitate smooth audio and video communication. This real-time interaction enabled users to engage in rich, dynamic conversations, leading to more informed and data-driven decision-making.

Real-Time Engagement

Security and UX

User security remained a top priority, and we implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) through AWS Cognito, ensuring a secure and efficient login experience. Additionally, through code optimization, we addressed latency issues, significantly reducing processing time even for large groups of participants. This commitment to optimization ensured a smooth user experience for all, regardless of group size.

Security & Ux

Data-Driven Insights

We designed the platform to capture valuable statistics during discussions. This empowers users to gain a deeper understanding and make informed decisions based on real-time data and trends.

Data Driven

What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products.

Georgina D.

CEO & Co-Founder,People Supported Technologies

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Georgina D.

What happened next

Partnering with PSi, we highly improved their decision-making process. Our new platform helped the users to engage 10x more participants, reduce costs by 98%, and accelerate decision-making by 75% compared to traditional methods. With real-time insights and anonymity, PSi now enjoys an advantage in collecting diverse perspectives and making informed decisions. Last but not least, decisions are made faster than ever before.

What Happened Next

Have further questions?

  • What are the benefits of using real-time features in a decision-making app?

    Real-time features like chat and audio/video calls foster more engaging discussions. This can lead to a better exchange of ideas, quicker identification of key points, and ultimately, faster and more informed decisions. Our PSi project achieved a 75% reduction in decision-making time through real-time interaction.

  • How can you ensure security and anonymity in a platform with real-time discussions?

    Security is paramount. We implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) using AWS Cognito in PSi to ensure secure logins. Additionally, the platform itself can be designed anonymously, allowing users to participate freely without revealing their identities.

  • What are the technical challenges of building a scalable platform for large group discussions?

    One challenge is ensuring smooth data synchronization for a high number of users. In PSi, we optimized code to efficiently split users into discussion tables, reducing wait times from seconds to milliseconds for groups exceeding 10 people.

  • How can you capture valuable insights from decision-making discussions?

    The platform can be designed to track user activity, votes, and discussion trends. This data can then be analyzed to provide valuable insights that inform future decisions. PSi captures such statistics, empowering users to make data-driven choices.

  • What technologies are essential for building a decision-making app like PSi?

    Several technologies can be leveraged. Our PSi project utilized:

    • Next.js: For a user-friendly and scalable front-end

    • Agora: To enable real-time audio and video communication

    • Hasura: For efficient data management

    • PostgreSQL: As the primary database

  • Considering building a similar app?

    If you're interested in developing a scalable decision-making platform like PSi, RaftLabs can help! Contact us today to discuss your project and explore how we can leverage technology to revolutionize your decision-making process.

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