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Why do businesses need a loyalty app?

Became loyal customers as they could unlock exclusive benefits

Brand recommendation acquired through effective loyalty programs

Returning Customers tend to spend more than new customers

Why choose us to build your loyalty software?

Our toolkit

Customer Retention and Engagement

Customer Retention and Engagement

Happy customers mean repeat business! A perfectly crafted loyalty platform rewards your customers for shopping at your store. They earn points with every purchase, redeem them for discounts and exclusive offers, and receive personalized deals on their favorite items. Plus, easy feedback helps you enhance their experience. It’s a win-win: boosted sales and satisfied customers.

Increased Average Spend

Increased Average Spend

Boost your revenue effortlessly. By introducing tiered rewards in your loyalty app, customers are encouraged to spend more to reach the next reward level. Special perks for higher spending can include exclusive products, early access to sales, or premium customer service. This strategy not only increases the average transaction value but also makes customers feel valued and appreciated.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

Tap into the power of your data! Your loyalty app collects valuable customer insights, such as purchase patterns and preferences. Use this data to craft targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Personalized offers and timely notifications keep your brand top-of-mind, driving more frequent visits and higher sales.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Turn your customers into advocates! A referral program within your loyalty app incentivizes existing customers to bring in new ones. By offering points or discounts for successful referrals, you leverage word-of-mouth marketing. This organic growth strategy not only expands your customer base but also fosters a community of loyal brand ambassadors.

Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

Stand out in a crowded market. A robust loyalty app differentiates your store from competitors by offering unique value. Exclusive rewards, personalized experiences, and seamless interactions keep customers choosing your brand over others. Maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for sustained success and growth.

AI-Driven Loyalty Personalization

AI-Driven Loyalty Personalization

It's time to move beyond generic rewards! Create loyalty programs that deeply understand your customers. Develop AI-powered loyalty platforms that gather invaluable insights, personalize offers, and deliver targeted marketing to keep your brand front and center. Imagine delighted customers who return effortlessly, pleasantly surprised by personalized rewards. Let's build your next-generation loyalty app and witness repeat purchases soar.

Our 'secret' behind your success

Consistent process

We follow a proven, consistent process for every project. This ensures a smooth workflow and successful outcome – when the process works, the results do too.

Transparent pricing

We offer clear and predictable pricing for all projects, regardless of your business size or revenue. Our consistent pricing model ensures you know exactly what to expect.

1-on-1 communication

We prioritize open and consistent communication throughout your project. We'll be readily available to answer your questions and keep you informed on every step.

Flexible approach

Our approach is flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you require assistance with a single project or seek a long-term partnership, we're happy to work on projects of any size.

Design strategy

We'll collaborate closely with you to understand your goals. This collaborative approach allows us to design a solution that perfectly meets both your and your audience's needs.

All needs covered

We offer comprehensive product support and maintenance, handling everything from infrastructure management and bug fixes to ongoing development. We've got you covered – all your product needs are in good hands.

Success stories

Receipts and rewards web app
2000+sign-ups in the first week
2Xincrease in customer purchase frequency
25% boost in avg. purchase value
logo of retail loyalty program app

Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Photo of Nuala C.
Nuala C.Director, BrandFire
Flag of Ireland
Loyalty and rewards web and mobile app
14 weekszero to launch
100+product purchase receipts in 1st month
25%increase in average order value
logo of Loyalty and rewards web and mobile app Instantor

They provided ideas that we hadn't really thought of, which helped our program standout.

Photo of Nuala C.
Nuala C.Director, BrandFire
Flag of Ireland

We craft loyalty apps that drive engagement & results

Rewards & Offers

Tailor rewards and promotions based on individual preferences and behavior, driving higher redemption rates and customer satisfaction.

Gamification & Incentives

Implement engaging game mechanics and challenges to motivate participation, boost activity, and increase loyalty program value.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage user data analytics to understand customer behavior, optimize program performance, and personalize experiences for maximum impact.

Seamless Integration

Ensure smooth integration with existing systems (POS, CRM, etc.) for efficient data flow and streamlined program management.

Security & Compliance

Prioritize robust security measures and compliance with data privacy regulations to protect user information and build trust.

Scalability & Future Growth

Design your app with scalability in mind, allowing for future feature additions and program expansion as your business grows.

RaftLabs Soars as Clutch Champion &Global Award Winner!

Industry accolades, client satisfaction - it's a winning combination! Earning both the Clutch Champion and Global Award in 2023, RaftLabs is proud to be recognized for exceptional custom software development and exceeding client expectations on a global scale.

Clutch Global Fall 2023
Clutch Champion Fall 2023

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Still curious?

  • What is loyalty app?

    A loyalty app is a digital platform that allows customers to earn rewards for making purchases at a participating business.It could be a web or mobile app or both based on the business requirements.

  • What are digital loyalty programs?

    Digital loyalty programs use online platforms or apps to track and reward customer purchases. They are convenient for both businesses and customers, offering easy access to rewards and program updates.

  • Why is loyalty app design important?

    Good loyalty app design makes it easy for customers to use. A user-friendly app ensures customers can quickly earn and redeem rewards, enhancing their overall experience and encouraging loyalty.

  • What are loyalty program platforms?

    Loyalty program platforms are software solutions that help businesses manage and run their loyalty programs. They provide tools for creating, tracking, and analyzing rewards and customer engagement.

    Some top loyalty program platforms include LoyaltyLion, which integrates with major e-commerce platforms and offers flexibility and customization. is known for its ease of use and variety of reward options, including points, referrals, and VIP programs. Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals stands out for its integration with reviews and user-generated content, enhancing customer engagement. FiveStars combines loyalty programs with marketing automation to help businesses increase customer retention and sales.

  • How to build customer loyalty online?

    Boost online customer loyalty by creating a loyalty app through strategic loyalty app development. Develop a compelling loyalty program that resonates with your audience, offering incentives and personalized rewards. Regularly engage customers with exclusive offers and analyze the program's impact to fine-tune your approach. Elevate customer loyalty through innovative solutions and seamless online experiences.

  • How much does it cost to build a loyalty app?

    The cost to create a loyalty app or rewards app can vary based on the complexity of its features. A basic rewards app may typically range between $10,000 and $20,000. If you're considering an intermediate rewards app with more functionalities, the cost could fall within the range of $20,000 to $60,000. To create a loyalty app with advanced features and customization, the cost might exceed $60,000. These estimated price ranges provide a general overview of the potential expenses to create a loyalty app tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Are loyalty programs effective?

    Loyalty programs have shown notable effectiveness, boosting brand preference, encouraging regular purchases, and driving higher spending among members. This highlights their potential to foster enduring customer loyalty and make them a valuable strategy for businesses.

  • How to create a customer loyalty program?

    To increase customer loyalty, consider implementing a well-structured loyalty program. Begin with loyalty app development, especially useful for small businesses. Such apps enable seamless management and engagement. Start by defining your program's objectives, whether it's rewarding repeat purchases, referrals, or social media engagement. Design a points or rewards system that resonates with your customer base. Communicate the program effectively through various channels. Regularly analyze the program's effectiveness and gather feedback for improvements. Combining the right strategies, a loyalty app for small businesses can be a powerful tool to enhance customer loyalty and drive business growth.

  • Can loyalty programs increase customer loyalty?

    Absolutely, loyalty programs have demonstrated their ability to increase and improve customer loyalty effectively. By utilizing strategies like implementing customer loyalty program software, companies can establish a strong bond with their customers. These programs not only incentivize repeat purchases but also create a sense of belonging and appreciation. As a result, customers are more likely to engage frequently, spend more, and remain loyal, showcasing the substantial impact and value of loyalty initiatives in cultivating enduring customer relationships.

  • What is an example of a customer loyalty program app?

    Aldi Fest is a customer loyalty software developed by RaftLabs for Aldi Ireland. Creating loyalty software allows users to earn points for making purchases at Aldi stores, which can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts, vouchers, and festival tickets.

    The Aldifest loyalty app also includes features such as:

    Receipt scanning: Users can scan their receipts in the app to earn points.

    Rewards catalog: Users can browse the rewards catalog and redeem their points for discounts, vouchers, and festival tickets.

    Notifications: Users can receive notifications about new rewards, promotions, and events.

    Personalization: Users can personalize their app experience by adding their favorite products and stores.

  • How to build customer loyalty in retail?

    To increase customer loyalty in retail, consider creating a loyalty app. This dedicated tool can facilitate seamless interaction and engagement with your brand. Design the app to offer rewards, exclusive offers, and personalized experiences to your customers. Implement a well-structured loyalty program that resonates with your target audience, encouraging repeat purchases and engagement. Regularly analyze the app's effectiveness and gather customer feedback for continuous improvement. By developing a user-friendly loyalty app, you can effectively enhance customer loyalty and create lasting connections with your retail audience. Contact us for top-tier loyalty app development at the best budget.

  • What is loyalty software integration?

    Loyalty software integration involves connecting loyalty program software with other business systems, such as CRM or POS systems. This integration ensures seamless data flow and enhances overall efficiency.

  • What is customer loyalty software?

    Customer loyalty software helps businesses manage and track customer loyalty programs. It enhances customer retention by rewarding repeat purchases.

  • How does a loyalty app design benefit my business?

    A well-designed loyalty app provides a user-friendly experience, making it easy for customers to engage with your loyalty program and track their rewards.

  • How can custom app development benefit my loyalty program?

    Custom app development allows businesses to tailor their loyalty program to their specific needs. It ensures the app aligns with your brand and offers unique features that cater to your customers' preferences.

  • What is customer activity tracking in a loyalty program?

    Customer activity tracking monitors customer interactions, purchases, and engagement with your brand. This data helps in creating targeted rewards and personalized offers, enhancing the customer experience.

  • How does a personalized loyalty program work?

    A personalized loyalty program uses customer data to tailor rewards and offers. This approach makes customers feel valued and understood, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

  • What features should I look for in loyalty management software?

    Key features include easy reward tracking, customer segmentation, personalized offers, integration capabilities, and robust reporting tools. These features help manage and optimize your loyalty program effectively.

  • What is an enterprise loyalty platform?

    An enterprise loyalty platform is a comprehensive solution designed for large businesses. It offers advanced features like multi-channel support, scalability, and deep analytics to manage complex loyalty programs.

  • How can enterprise loyalty software benefit my business?

    Enterprise loyalty software helps large businesses streamline their loyalty programs, providing advanced tools for customer engagement, personalized rewards, and detailed analytics. This leads to improved customer retention and increased sales.

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