Receipts and rewards web app for customer engagement

We built a user-friendly web app for Aldi Ireland, driving 2,000 sign-ups in just 1 week. We developed the app with Next.js to ensure a smooth and responsive experience for all users regardless of traffic volume.


Business Context

Aldi, a global retail giant, aimed to build strong customer loyalty in Ireland. They wanted to offer a unique and engaging experience that differed from traditional loyalty programs. Our task was to design a mobile-friendly web app that incentivizes customers through receipt uploads and rewards them for their purchases. This whole project aimed to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty for Aldi in Ireland.


Web App


14 weeks


Enterprise, Retail, Consumers

We used several technologies to ensure it was reliable, and secure, and handled the large number of users smoothly.

nextjs logo

Next.js for performant front-end

NodeJS Logo

Node.js for robust back-end

PostgreSQL Logo

PostgreSQL for reliable database


Ant Design for visually appealing UI

Partnership Goal

We wanted to build a user-friendly web app for a major retailer at a large music festival. The goal? Boost engagement and build brand loyalty with festival-goers, reaching their diverse customer base. We focused on scalability and security to handle potential user surges, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for everyone.


  • Users uploaded receipts with a few clicks.
  • Increased participation through a user-friendly interface.
  • Gathered data for future marketing initiatives.

Team Formation

We built the user-friendly AldiFest web app for the music festival. We had a team of 5 developers to tackle both the design and functionality, ensuring everyone could easily use the app, no matter their age.
To handle the massive festival crowds, we built a highly flexible and secure app using the latest tech. A project manager kept everything running smoothly throughout development.

Team Formation

sign-ups in the first week

increase in customer purchase frequency

in average purchase value

Our partnership

We were excited to collaborate with Aldi Ireland, a global retail giant with over 6,500 stores, to develop a receipt and rewards app for the Electric Picnic music festival. While maintaining a tight development timeframe, we prioritized understanding the target audience and the unique festival environment.

Easy Uploads

Uploading receipts was as simple as one tap. This hassle-free experience encouraged festival-goers to join the program.

Easy Uploads

Live Updates

Aldi kept users excited with upcoming contests and winners through a powerful CMS. This created a fun and interactive experience within the app.

Live Updates

Rewards & Recognition

Users earned rewards for uploading receipts, making them feel accomplished and encouraging them to participate again.


Data & Insights

Aldi gained valuable information about customer behavior and the program's success through real-time data dashboards. This allowed them to improve their marketing and make the app even better for users.

Data Insights

Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire



Nuala C.

What happened next

We collaborated closely with our client to develop a web app for a festival season, working within a tight timeframe. By understanding the festival-goers and the event itself, we created a user-friendly and engaging experience. The app was a big success, with over 2,000 people signing up and uploading 5,000 receipts in just the first week! This helped our client not only connect with festival-goers but also gain valuable data to improve future campaigns.

What Happened Next

Have further questions?

  • How can I ensure my festival app can handle large user spikes?

    Scalability is crucial for festival apps. We built AldiFest with Next.js, a framework known for its performance and ability to handle traffic surges. This ensures a smooth experience even with a massive influx of users. Additionally, a robust back-end built with Node.js provides the stability needed for real-time data processing.

  • What are the benefits of using a receipt upload feature in a festival app?

    Receipt uploads incentivize user engagement and provide valuable customer data. AldiFest rewarded receipt uploads, encouraging participation and gathering purchasing habits. This data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns and improved product offerings.

  • How can I create a user-friendly app for a diverse festival audience?

    A simple and intuitive design is key. AldiFest prioritized a one-tap receipt upload process, making participation effortless. Using a UI framework like Ant Design streamlines this process and ensures a visually appealing interface for all users, regardless of age or technical expertise.

  • What are the advantages of using a Content Management System (CMS) in a festival app?

    A CMS allows for real-time updates within the app, keeping users engaged. In AldiFest, Aldi used the CMS to announce upcoming contests and showcase winners, creating a dynamic and interactive experience that boosted user retention.

  • Ready to build a user-friendly and impactful mobile experience for your next festival?

    Our team at RaftLabs has a proven track record of success in creating engaging festival apps. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore how we can help you achieve similar results!

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