Pricing for Building AI, Web, and Mobile Apps

Minimum Viable Product

Good enough to get you started with early adopters and investors. We’ll help you create a basic but lovable version (MVP) so you can launch quickly.

  • Mobile app and/or web app, AI development

  • Clearly defined project scope and timeline

  • 1-2 core features

  • Simple design

  • Turnaround time: 1-2 months (6-8 weeks)

USD 10,000 - 20,000

Full-Featured Product

Get a full-featured market-ready digital product that is very well-designed and ready to scale.

  • iOS, Android app, and web app, AI development

  • Tentatively defined scope

  • Multiple core features

  • Custom design

  • 3rd Party integrations

  • Turnaround time : 3-4 months (12-14 weeks)

USD 20,000 - 60,000

Innovative Tech Product

Find the solution to something that needs deeper problem validations or out-of-the-box design experience. Think of AR, VR, AI, next-gen tech, or designing something incredibly sexy.

  • Multi-Platform apps, AI development

  • Highly complex business requirements or problem-solving

  • Bottom-up new designs with engaging animations

  • AR, VR, AI, or anything in deep tech

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I was pleased with RaftLabs team's quality, consistency and execution.

Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

President, Co-Founder, Yeletech Security Inc & Bolt



Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products.

Georgina D.

CEO & Co-Founder,People Supported Technologies

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Georgina D.

Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire



Nuala C.

RaftLabs elevated my ideas and brought them to life when everything seemed impossible.

Grady Lakshmono

CoFounder,Moka (acquired by Gojek) & Gula (acquired by Runchise)



Grady Lakshmono

All of the sprints were completed on schedule and on budget. We highly recommend Raftlabs!

Charles E.

Entrepreneur at Aggie Technologies



Charles E.

Thanks to RL Remotely team for experimenting with an innovative remote work application for employee engagement and enterprise productivity.

Mohit S.

Founder, WorxRemotely



Mohit S.

The project was extremely successful. I can't think of anything I would have changed if we did it again.

Eric M.

Founder at Intrinsic Sales

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Eric M.

Raftlabs is not only our partner, but an integral part of our team and startup!

Tedo S.

CCO and CTO at Fore Coffee



Tedo S.

Our 'secret' behind your success

Consistent process

We have a consistent and tested process for everything. And when the process works - so does the outcome.

Transparent pricing

Clear and predictable pricing for most projects. No matter the size or revenue of your business, our pricing model stays the same - for all projects not most projects

1-on-1 communication

We will stay in communication with you throughout the whole project, answering any questions and covering everything.

Flexible approach

Whether you need help with a single project or looking for a long-term partnership, we can work with a project of any size.

Design strategy

We'll work closely with you to understand your goals and design something you and your audience needs. - design exactly what you and your audience need

All needs covered

We got all your product support and maintenance needs covered. Be it managing the infrastructure, bug fixes or continued development, we will take care of it.

Still curious?

  • What is the typical development timeframe for a web or mobile app?

    We understand the importance of getting your product to market quickly. Our development process is designed for efficiency, with a typical timeline of 12-14 weeks to launch a web or mobile app. This timeframe encompasses all stages of development, including design, development, and testing. However, the exact timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your app's features.

  • How are development costs estimated for a project?

    We utilize a transparent cost estimation model based on the estimated development time (hours) required for your project. Standard features in web/mobile apps typically fall within these ranges:

    • Small project (4-5 key features): US$10,000 - US$25,000

    • Medium project (6-9 key features): US$25,000 - US$50,000

    • Large project (10-15+ features): US$50,000+

    To get more precise information about costs, please set up a free consultation call.

  • Can you elaborate on your experience and areas of expertise?

    We are a software development agency with a proven track record and a focus on building successful products. We possess extensive experience in developing custom web, mobile, and artificial intelligence (AI) app solutions, particularly within the media, marketing tech, and e-commerce industries. Our expertise allows us to translate your business challenges into a technical scope that delivers real value. Whether you need a user-friendly mobile app, a powerful web platform, or an innovative AI-powered solution, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

  • How does RaftLabs facilitate communication and collaboration throughout a project?

    We prioritize open communication and collaboration throughout your project. We utilize a combination of tools and methodologies to achieve this:

    • Bi-weekly Sprints: Regular milestones keep the project on track and provide opportunities for feedback and course correction.

    • Slack and Asana: These communication platforms allow for real-time communication and project management.

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