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Introducing Hasura GraphQL Engine

Hasura empowers developers to build modern applications faster. Generate a real-time GraphQL API for your existing databases & services, instantly.

Our Hasura app development services for diverse industries

Instant GraphQL API Generation

Effortlessly generate real-time GraphQL APIs for your databases and services.

Secure Data Access

Control access to your data with fine-grained authorization rules, built right into Hasura.

Scalable Performance

Handle large datasets and complex queries with ease, thanks to Hasura's efficient architecture.

Real-time Updates

Get automatic data updates in your applications without manual coding, ensuring your users always see the latest information.

Cloud-Native Integration

Deploy and manage your GraphQL APIs seamlessly in any cloud environment.

How businesses use Hasura to get ahead

Success stories

PSi's discussion interface

14 weeks

zero to launch

300+ users

in real-time audio discussions


faster decision-making
logo of Psi

What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products.

Photo of Georgina D.

Georgina D.

CEO & Co-Founder,People Supported Technologies
Flag of United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Receipts and rewards web app


sign-ups in the first week


increase in customer purchase frequency

25% boost

in average purchase value
logo of Receipts and rewards web app

Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.

Photo of Nuala C.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire
Flag of Ireland
TikTok Style Social Commerce Mobile App

16 weeks

from idea to launch

25% boost

in brand sales

2x more

user engagement
logo of TikTok Style Social Commerce Mobile App

I was pleased with RaftLabs team's quality, consistency and execution.

Photo of Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

President, Co-Founder, Yeletech Security Inc & Bolt
Flag of USA
Loyalty and rewards web and mobile app

14 weeks

zero to launch


product purchase receipts in 1st month


increase in average order value
logo of Loyalty and rewards web and mobile app Instantor

They provided ideas that we hadn't really thought of, which helped our program standout.

Photo of Nuala C.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire
Flag of Ireland

We're experts in Hasura development

RaftLabs: Your Trusted Hasura Experts

  • Our developers are skilled in crafting efficient and secure GraphQL APIs using Hasura, ensuring optimal data access for your applications.

  • We understand the complexities of cloud environments and can seamlessly integrate and manage your Hasura deployments for optimal performance and scalability.

  • Building secure applications is paramount. Our team has a deep understanding of Hasura's built-in authorization features to ensure your data is protected and accessed appropriately.

  • We can design and implement real-time data solutions with Hasura, keeping your applications and users up-to-date with the latest information.


RaftLabs Soars as Clutch Champion & Global Award Winner!

Industry accolades, client satisfaction - it's a winning combination! Earning both the Clutch Champion and Global Award in 2023, RaftLabs is proud to be recognized for exceptional custom software development and exceeding client expectations on a global scale.

Clutch Global Fall 2023
Clutch Champion Fall 2023

Still Curious

  • What are the benefits of using Hasura for app development?

    Hasura simplifies and accelerates app development by instantly generating GraphQL APIs from your existing databases and services. This saves time, improves developer productivity, and ensures secure data access with built-in authorization.

  • What kind of experience do your Hasura developers have?

    Our Hasura developers are skilled in crafting efficient and secure GraphQL APIs, cloud-native deployments, data security and governance, and real-time data solutions. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in Hasura and actively contribute to the community.

  • Can your Hasura developers integrate with my existing infrastructure?

    Yes, our team has expertise in cloud-native deployments and can seamlessly integrate Hasura with your existing cloud infrastructure for optimal performance and scalability.

  • How long does it take to develop a Hasura application?

    Development time varies depending on project complexity. However, Hasura's instant API generation and our team's expertise can significantly reduce development time compared to traditional methods.

  • How much does it cost to hire a Hasura app developer?

    We offer competitive rates and flexible engagement models to suit your needs. Contact us for a customized quote based on your specific project requirements.

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