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Our social commerce app successfully grabbed the attention of content creators and brands, providing an engagement boost of 200%.


Business Context

The social commerce landscape is booming, but creators and brands struggle to find the perfect platform. Existing options are crowded or lack key features. Sponzee solves this by providing a user-friendly space for real-time collaboration. Creators can connect with brands directly, while brands leverage influencer power to drive sales through engaging content.


Mobile App


16 weeks


Media & Communication, E-commerce, DeFi, Crypto

To achieve Sponzee's success, our team leveraged a powerful tech stack

nextjs logo

Next.js for a fast and smooth UX

NodeJS Logo

Node.js for robust server-side functionality

PostgreSQL Logo

PostgreSQL for scalable data storage


Ant Design for a sleek and intuitive UI

Partnership Goal

The social commerce space was booming, but connecting brands with the right creators remained a challenge. This limited the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations. Recognizing this, our client approached us to develop a mobile app, Sponzee, designed to streamline brand-creator partnerships.


  • Brands struggled to find relevant influencers.
  • Creators faced difficulty finding and managing brand collaborations.
  • The overall process was time-consuming and inefficient.


  • Brands can easily search and connect with targeted creators.
  • Real-time communication is streamlined through in-app chat.
  • Creators can effortlessly manage collaborations.
  • Content creation becomes a focus with simplified collaboration.

Team Formation

To build Sponzee, we put together a dream team of 12. We had experts who could build the app itself (mobile developers), handle the behind-the-scenes stuff (backend engineers), make it look great (frontend developers), and find any bugs (QA testers). With a project manager leading the way, everyone worked together smoothly to bring Sponzee to life!

Team Formation

16 weeks

from idea to launch

25% boost

in brand sales

2x more

user engagement

Our partnership

We teamed up with a visionary startup to create Sponzee, a social commerce app that's shaking things up by connecting brands and creators. Using our mobile app development skills, we helped Sponzee build a platform where brands and creators can easily team up and thrive together.

Easy Connections

Creators effortlessly connect social media, while brands find their perfect match with powerful search tools.

Easy Connections

Chat & Collaborate

Brands and creators can discuss details in real-time using in-app chat, speeding up deals.

Chat & Collaborate

Track It All

Unique codes and affiliate links let brands track campaign performance and see what's working.

Track it all

Data-Driven Decisions

A clear admin panel unlocks valuable insights on collaborations, posts, and users.

Data Driven

I was pleased with RaftLabs team's quality, consistency and execution.

Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

President, Co-Founder, Yeletech Security Inc & Bolt



Dr.J. Ayo Akinyele

What happened next

Sponzee's launch was a huge win! In just 3 months, over 10,000 creators jumped on board, connecting their social media and sparking brand collaborations. This creator surge fueled the platform, with brands launching over 5,000 collaborations.

Sponzee's easy-to-use design helped creators craft engaging content, leading to a 20% average sales boost for brands through influencer promotions. But the success story keeps growing! We're now collaborating with the client on exciting new features, like live-streaming shopping events, to take social commerce to the next level.

What happend next

Have further questions?

  • What are the benefits of using a social commerce model for brands and creators?

    Social commerce apps like Sponzee connect brands with relevant creators, fostering collaboration and boosting sales. Here's how it benefits both parties:

    • Brands: Easily find and connect with targeted influencers, manage influencer marketing campaigns, and track performance for data-driven decisions (Sponzee saw a 25% increase in brand sales).

    • Creators: Effortlessly connect social media profiles, collaborate with brands on projects, and track earnings in one place (Sponzee's creator base grew by over 10,000 in 3 months).

  • What technical considerations are important for building a social commerce app?

    Developing a social commerce app requires a strong tech stack to ensure smooth user experience, scalability, and security. Here's what Sponzee used:

    • Front-end: Next.js for a fast and responsive user interface.

    • Back-end: Node.js for robust server-side functionality to handle data processing and communication.

    • Database: PostgreSQL for scalable data storage to accommodate a growing user base.

    • UI Design: Ant Design for a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

  • How can I ensure high user engagement in my social commerce app?

    Sponzee's success highlights the importance of features that drive user engagement:

    • Seamless Connections: Allow creators to easily connect their social media profiles and brands to find perfect matches.

    • Real-time Collaboration: Facilitate in-app chat for efficient communication between brands and creators.

    • Performance Tracking: Integrate tracking tools like unique codes and affiliate links to measure campaign success.

    • Data-driven Insights: Provide an admin panel to analyze collaboration data, user behavior, and post-performance.

  • Can a social commerce app benefit from cryptocurrency integration?

    Cryptocurrency integration can offer unique advantages in a social commerce app:

    • Secure and Transparent Transactions: Blockchain technology can facilitate secure and transparent transactions between brands, creators, and users.

    • Global Reach: Cryptocurrency allows for borderless transactions, attracting creators and brands from anywhere in the world.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a social commerce app like Sponzee?

    The development timeline can vary depending on the app's complexity and feature set. However, the Sponzee case study demonstrates that a feature-rich social commerce app with a strong development team (like RaftLabs) can be built and launched in under 16 weeks.

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