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Instantor Rewards

Business Context

Sanbra Fyffe Limited, a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of plumbing products, faced the challenge of retaining customers in a competitive market. They approached us in search of a solution to encourage plumbers and installers to choose their products over competitors.
Our solution was the Instantor Rewards app, a user-friendly platform where plumbers can earn points for purchases and participate in engaging competitions. This fostered customer loyalty and increased repeat business for Instantor.


Web, iOS, Android Mobile App


14 Weeks


Marketing Tech

To ensure a seamless user experience and efficient backend operations, we used the following technologies

nextjs logo

Next.js for fast frontend

flutter logo

Flutter for native-like mobile app

NodeJS Logo

Node.js for scalable backend

PostgreSQL Logo

Postgres: reliable data storage


Firebase for secure user access

Partnership Goal

We were excited to team up with Sanbra Fyffe Limited, a big player in the plumbing supply world, to build the Instantor Rewards app. This user-friendly app, available on phones and computers, aimed to make plumbers and installers happier customers of Sanbra Fyffe.


  • Low customer engagement
  • No repeat purchase tracking
  • Missed incentive opportunities


  • Active user participation
  • Clear loyalty tracking
  • Boosted repeat business

Team Formation

The Instantor Rewards app project was a smooth experience for us. Our small team of 6, consisting of app developers for the back-end and front-end, and project managers, worked together seamlessly. Using our expertise in building loyalty programs, we proposed some ideas, which the client appreciated. This teamwork, along with the client being open to our suggestions, led to a hugely successful app launch.

Team Formation

zero to launch

product purchase receipts in 1st month

increase in average order value

Our partnership

We were excited to team up with Sanbra Fyffe Limited, a big player in the plumbing supply world, to build the Instantor Rewards app. This user-friendly app, available on phones and computers, aimed to make plumbers and installers happier customers of Sanbra Fyffe.

Snap & Upload

Users can upload purchase receipts with a single picture, making participation quick and easy.

Snap & Upload

Exciting Contests

The app features monthly competitions with attractive prizes like weekend getaways and electronics, motivating users to participate actively.

Snap & Upload

Climb the Ladder

A tiered reward system is a great option to get continued participation from customers. Users earn points for each uploaded receipt. It excites them and allows them to progress through tiers and unlock benefits.

Climb Ladder

Admin Panel

The admin panel helps companies manage all parts of the program, including creating and editing competitions, monitoring user activity, and selecting winners.

Admin Panel

They provided ideas that we hadn't really thought of, which helped our program standout.

Nuala C.

Director, BrandFire



Nuala C.

What happened next

The Instantor Rewards app was a hit! Over 5,000 people downloaded the app in just 3 months, showing that many plumbers and installers were excited to join. They weren't just browsing either - they spent an average of over 3 minutes per session on the app, actively participating. And the best part? Customers came back for more, with repeat purchases increasing by 25% after the app launched. This proved that our app helped the client build stronger relationships with their customers and grow their business.

What happened Next

Have further questions?

  • Can a loyalty app really boost customer engagement?

    Absolutely! The Instantor Rewards app is a great example. By offering points for purchases and tiered rewards, we saw a significant increase in user engagement. Users spent over 3 minutes per session actively participating in the program. This level of engagement translates to stronger customer relationships and, as Instantor saw, a 25% rise in repeat purchases.

  • What are the technical challenges of building a receipt-based loyalty program?

    One key challenge is receipt processing. There are two main approaches:

    • Manual review: This ensures accuracy but can be time-consuming for large user bases.

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This technology automatically extracts data from receipts using your phone's camera. While convenient, OCR can have limitations with blurry images or complex layouts.

    The best approach often involves a combination of these methods.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a loyalty app?

    The development time depends on the app's complexity. A basic app like Instantor Rewards could be built in 3-6 months, while a more feature-rich program might take longer. The key is to prioritize features and focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to launch quickly and gather user feedback for future iterations.

  • What are the benefits of building a native app vs. a web app for a loyalty program?

    Native apps offer a smoother user experience, leveraging features like push notifications and camera access for receipt scanning. However, they require development for both iOS and Android platforms. Web apps are more versatile but may lack the functionality and feel of a native app.

  • Is there a way to track the success of my loyalty app?

    Absolutely! Analytics tools can track key metrics like user engagement, purchase frequency, and redemption rates. By monitoring these metrics, you can measure the app's effectiveness and make adjustments to optimize the program for better results.

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