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A startup turned custom software development agency - Raftlabs was established in 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, with another operational destination in Ahmedabad, India. The company excels in developing full-stack web and mobile products and aims to create solutions that help businesses and simplify the customer experience.

Raftlabs develops exclusive SaaS applications and web and mobile solutions primarily preferred in marketing and media streaming. Most SaaS-based web and mobile app solutions are created for events and communities. The company has successfully developed software products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and Business Giants.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Nirav Vasa - the Co-Founder of Raftlabs, shared how the company was established and what his role is in the organization.

Nirav initiates the discussion by confirming that Raftlabs follows its in-house business model to deal with its customers. He shared that the company was established in 2017, but it finally opened itself as a full-fledged agency in 2020 when the pandemic changed all the dynamics. Since then, Raftlabs has started its mission of leveraging its knowledge and experience to build exceptional SaaS-based and custom software solutions for its worldwide clientele. As a co-founder of the company, he looks over building business relationships with clients, partners, and vendors for the business development of the company.

Mr. Vasa refers to the company professionals as the sole product builders. The team is intensely focused on building things that everyone can understand. He cleared that they work as a business partner, instead of working as a vendor and the company makes many technical decisions on behalf of its clients that ultimately help them focus on their business. Being an outcome-driven agency makes Raftlabs different from its counterparts.

While asking about the industries that the company caters to, Nirav named some of them as marketing, commerce, and media tech industries. He affirms that they build live or on-demand video communications solutions for healthcare, education, and organizational workspaces. In the commercial and marketing arena, the company efficiently develops commercial workflow solutions, loyalty and reward platforms, etc.

Nirav admits that most clients approach their company for end-to-end product discovery, building web and mobile applications, and UX/UI design services. ReactJS, NextJS, NestJS, Hasura, Redis, AWS Lambda, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Github, Firebase, and Docker are popular platforms the company uses for building software applications and products.

Nirav happily shares that the company's customer satisfaction rate is 90%, but they vigorously strive to let it rise to 100%. The company has built technical and managerial processes and systems that can quickly adapt to the customers’ requirements and availability of resources. This makes it personalized and delivers output. Raftlabs is well recognized and appreciated by GoodFirms and ranks as a top mobile app development company in Dublin due to its excellent services and client base. The reviews displayed below show how the company values its clients and is popular in the industry worldwide.

Mr. Vasa refers to Raftlabs as a customer-centric company that generally assures that its customers get valued. They use reliable tools and processes that make the team promptly respond to its customers for any queries or challenges.

According to Nirav, Raftlabs works based on milestone delivery to startups and growing companies. While dealing with established businesses, the company augments its teams with dedicated resources, for which they charge in the T&M model. The company makes final decisions about the project budget while interacting with its customers. The company connects to deal with projects ranging from around USD 25,000. But, projects with lesser amounts have also been undertaken by the company. The range of the projects conducted in 2021 varied from as low as USD 12,000 to as high as USD 1,00,000 and above.

Raftlab’s Co-Founder is quite optimistic about the company’s growth in the future. He concludes the interview by sharing, “In 10 years, we as RaftLabs would want to be a technology platform and accelerator company that allows us to innovate deeply, enabling us to become long-term stakeholders in the solutions that we build for our customers.”

The detailed interview can be glanced at at the company’s profile page on GoodFirms.

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Let us see some popular case studies of RaftLabs:

Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

Project Goal: Create a SaaS app for conferences and event planning with real-time content control for organizers.

Learn how we rolled out the project in 20 weeks>> Explore the project details.

Receipts and Rewards Web App

Receipts and Rewards Web App

Project Goal: Aldi, Europe's leading supermarket chain, planned to launch a receipt and rewards program in Ireland, including a user-friendly web app for the Electric Festival.

Learn how we rolled out the project in 14 weeks>> Explore the project details.

Voice Chat Web App For Scalable Decision Making

Receipts and Rewards Web App

Project Goal: To create a decentralized, intuitive audio platform that enables decision-making for thousands of people through a responsive web application that allows for easy voting and anonymous conversations.

Learn how we rolled out the project in 14 weeks>> Explore the project details.

Online Food Ordering Platform

Online Food Ordering Platform

Project Goal: To build a branded online food ordering platform for food businesses, cafes, and QSRs.
Learn how we rolled out the project in 14 weeks>> Explore the project details.

Know Our Prestigious Clients

  • Brandfire

  • Energia Rewards

  • Aldi

  • VidMatic

  • Centus

  • Vodafone

  • PSi

  • Sponzee

  • Worx Remotely

  • Eris

Our clients are our driving force. We always strive to deliver high-quality products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


RaftLabs provides high-quality software services that meet the needs of its customers. The company’s development team constantly works on new and improved versions of its products and offers excellent support. Their eagerness to work on cutting-edge technology places them among the top app development companies on the businesses' priority list.

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