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Business Context

Competition is fierce in the restaurant, cafe, and food truck business. They need easy-to-use online ordering to run smoothly. High fees from other platforms, limited control over their brand, and trouble reaching new customers were constant headaches. Grubly, our online ordering app, helps them to take charge, save money on fees, and build loyal customers by interacting with them directly.


Web App


12 weeks


F/B sector / Hospitality

Grubly's success greatly relied on its robust technical foundation

nestjs logo

NestJS to build the backend

PostgreSQL Logo

PostgreSQL for reliable data storage

Hasura Logo

Hasura for quicker data access

AWS logo

AWS for reliable hosting and delivery

Partnership Goal

Simplifying online ordering and strengthening brand control were key goals for a local restaurant owner. We teamed up with them to create Grubly, a user-friendly app that empowers businesses like theirs.


  • Manual order processing
  • Multiple ordering platforms
  • Limited menu control
  • Inefficient communication


  • Streamlined operations
  • Centralized platform
  • Real-time updates
  • Flexible menu management
  • Boosted revenue

Team Formation

Our team of 6 skilled developers worked together to build Grubly. They have different talents in building both the user-friendly interface and the backend system that makes the app work.

A team leader guided them, and they all helped each other solve problems. With the help of a product expert and a business analyst, they created an easy-to-use online ordering application that helps restaurants succeed.

Team Formation

transactions in first 15 days

savings on food delivery commissions

zero to launch

Our partnership

We collaborated closely with a restaurant owner looking to streamline their online ordering process and gain more control over their brand. This project helped us demonstrate our expertise in building user-friendly applications that can solve challenges in the food industry.

QR-Based Mobile Site

We implemented a QR-based mobile site, allowing customers to access a restaurant’s/ cafe’s menu with ease and browse the menu, and place orders directly. This convenient feature eliminates the need for app downloads.

QR- Based Mobile Site

Menu Promotion

Grubly enables businesses to highlight their best sellers, a feature developed with our understanding of marketing strategies and customer engagement. This feature can be used to showcase popular dishes, seasonal specials, or limited-time offers.


Payment Flexibility

Grubly integrates multiple payment options, providing customers with choice and convenience. Customers can choose their preferred method, maximizing convenience and order completion rates.

Payment Flexibilty

Real-Time Order Management

Grubly keeps businesses in the loop with real-time order and payment updates. This allows for better operation management and creates transparency. It also helps businesses to quickly respond to customer requests.

Real- Time Order Management

What happened next

We developed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of Grubly in a remarkably short timeframe, demonstrating our team's efficiency. The app quickly proved its success by helping businesses achieve smoother operations and increased customer engagement. This impact is evident in the impressive number of orders processed – over 10,000 in the first month alone. This success highlights Grubly's potential to streamline operations and drive customer engagement for restaurants.


Have further questions?

  • Can I build a successful online ordering app like Grubly in just 12 weeks?

    Building an app in 12 weeks is possible, especially with a focused Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. Grubly started with core functionalities like online ordering and menu management. This allowed for a rapid launch and quick feedback from real users. However, the development timeline depends on the complexity of your app's features. For a basic online ordering system, 12 weeks could be achievable, but additional features will require more time. Contact RaftLabs to discuss your specific needs and get a tailored estimate.

  • How much does it cost to develop a food ordering app?

    The cost of development varies depending on the app's features, development team size, and location. Grubly was built with a team of 6 developers, keeping costs efficient. By prioritizing core functionalities first, we minimized development time. To get an accurate estimate for your project, contact RaftLabs for a free consultation. We can help you outline the features you need and provide a transparent cost breakdown.

  • What are the benefits of using a QR code mobile site for online ordering?

    A QR code mobile site eliminates the need for app downloads, making it easier for customers to access your menu and order food. This can increase impulse purchases and overall order volume. Grubly utilizes a QR code system, allowing users to scan the code and instantly browse menus and order. This is a convenient option for customers who may not want to download another app.

  • How does Grubly's real-time order management system benefit restaurants?

    Real-time order updates provide restaurants with a centralized hub to manage all online orders. This eliminates the confusion and wasted time associated with juggling multiple platforms. Grubly's system provides transparency, allowing restaurants to track orders, update statuses, and communicate with customers efficiently. This improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • What technical considerations are important when developing a food ordering app?

    When building a food ordering app, you'll need to consider both the front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side) development. Grubly utilizes NestJS for scalable backend infrastructure, PostgreSQL for secure data storage, Hasura for efficient data access, and AWS for reliable hosting. Security is also paramount. Ensure your app uses secure payment gateways and data encryption to protect customer information.

    These are just a few of the considerations. For a successful food ordering app, choosing the right development tools and prioritizing a user-friendly interface is crucial.

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