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How Much Does A Mobile App Development Cost?

Mobile DevelopmentFebruary 10, 2024

Have you ever wondered why mobile app development is vital for business growth?

Let's perform a simple task to find the answer to this question.

Go to the application section in your smartphone's settings to know the number of apps you use.

Are you surprised by the number of apps stored on your small electronic gadget?

Now, let us take a look at some interesting figures.

  • People tend to check their phones at least 58 times a day.

  • Smartphone users in the US spend a minimum of 3 to 4 hours on their phones daily.

  • An average person uses 9 mobile apps daily and 30 mobile apps per month.

These numbers clearly show the role mobile apps play in our daily lives.

1. Why are mobile apps relevant in 2023 and beyond?

Mobile apps help businesses easily communicate and engage with customers. You can view them as a bridge that connects businesses to potential customers.

According to the 2022 statistics:

As you clearly understand why businesses consider it necessary to develop a mobile application, let us learn about different types of mobile apps.

2. Types of mobile apps and use cases

Let us learn the popular mobile app types and their examples.

Types of Mobile Apps

Types of mobile apps

A. Business apps

These apps help businesses improve their operations. Employers, clients, suppliers, delivery agents, etc., usually use such applications.

Examples of Business Apps:

1. Slack Mobile App

Slack Mobile App

Use: The app helps to carry out team communication and collaboration more effectively.

Downloads: 1M+

2 . Skype


Use: The app allows users to instant message, voice, or video call for free.

Downloads: 100M+

3. MailChimp

MailCimp App

Use: Businesses use this app for marketing purposes.

Downloads: 10L+

B. M-commerce apps

Mobile commerce apps provide merchants and buyers with a platform to sell and buy goods. They offer a smooth shopping experience to customers.

Examples of M-commerce apps:

1. Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping App

Use: People can shop for products online through this app.

Downloads: 50M+

2. Etsy: Buy & Sell Unique Items

Etsy Shopping App

Use: The app allows people to shop for goods online.

Downloads: 1M+

C. Gaming apps

They are the most popular mobile app category that is highly profitable in the market.

Examples of gaming apps:

1 .Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush

Use: It is a puzzle game that allows gamers to proceed from one level to another after they win each level.

Downloads: 100M+

2 .My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

Use: The players adopt and care for their pets.

Downloads: 100M+

D. Educational apps

Users install such apps to gain new skills and knowledge.

Examples of gaming apps:

1. Sololearn: Learn to Code


Use: People can learn programming languages that will help them to code.

Downloads: 10M+

2. Duolingo: Learn English


Use: The app improves language skills through fun activities.

Downloads: 10M+

E. Entertainment apps

These apps entertain people by providing an independent platform for movies, music, live streaming, sports, and much more.

Examples of entertainment apps:

1. Netflix


Use: It offers streaming services that allow members to watch TV shows and movies.

Downloads: 100M+

2. YouTube

You Tube

Use: The app offers a free video-sharing platform where content creators can share their videos, and the audience can watch them.

Downloads: 1Bn+

F. Utility apps

These apps help solve the issues people encounter daily.

Examples of utility apps:

1. PharmEasy - Healthcare App


Use: People can purchase medicines online by downloading this app.

Downloads: 10M+

2. QR & Barcode Scanner

QR & Barcoder Scanner

Use: The app scans the QR code/ Barcode.

Downloads: 100M+

G. Travel apps

Use: These apps act as a guide for people who wish to travel and explore new places.

Example of a travel app:

1. Hotels and more


Use: Travelers can find a place to stay and plan their trip comfortably with this app.

Downloads: 500M+

3. Tech Stack For Mobile App Development

Let us see the best frontend and backend technologies for mobile app development:

Android Devices :

  • Programming Languages - Java, Kotlin.

  • ToolKit - Android Studio, Android Developer Tools, Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • UI Framework - Jetpack Compose, Android UI

IOS Devices :

  • Programming Languages - Objective-C, Swift

  • IOS Mobile Development Tools - Xcode, AppCode

  • UI Framework - UIKit, SwiftUI

Cross-platform apps :

  • Framework - React Native, Flutter

4. Mobile App Development Cost Estimate

You are now familiar with the different aspects of mobile app development services. The tentative cost to build a mobile app from scratch can cost between USD 10,000 to 60,000 (approx.). The price can vary depending on several factors.

Learn the below cost-influencing aspects of mobile application development services if you wish to keep costs minimal.

5. 5 Factors That Impact Your Mobile App Development Cost


What kind of mobile app are you planning to develop?

  • a platform-specific app (native apps)

  • an app that can run on multiple platforms (hybrid apps)

Native apps need more time for development. So, native apps are more expensive.


The logic is quite simple.

The more complex the features of your mobile app, the higher the app development cost.

  • Audio/ video streaming services

  • Payment processors

  • Social media integrations

  • Multi-language support, etc.,

Planning to integrate such technologies will increase the overall app development cost.

Features & Functionalities

Standard Features a Mobile App

Here is a golden tip to get a grip on the mobile app development expense:

  • Develop an MVP in the initial stage with core features.

  • Collect user feedback.

It will help you analyze the response your product will get in the market. So you can be sure whether to spend more to scale the mobile app and incorporate more features.


Cost based on mobile app categories

Cost based on mobile app categories

If you plan to develop an e-commerce mobile app it may need additional features like payment platform integration, voice search, etc.

So, the app development cost for specific app categories can be high as they demand more advanced features.


Are you planning to create:

  • Customized UI

  • Standard UI

Developing an app with a custom UI is more challenging and can cost you more.

  • Backend Requirements

There are different types of mobile apps based on the business use cases. For example, the gaming app wouldn’t need any backend services. However, any eCommerce, educational, or travel apps will need a backend.

You might wonder what a backend is. Think of it as services that connect the mobile app and enable data flow. For example, the inventory or real-time food delivery status or car availability status, etc. All this needs highly complex and capable backend services.

So the kind of backend services required for the use cases also drives up the cost factor.

6. Hidden Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost

You often overlook some factors which can attract more app development costs.

Releasing The App

You will have to make a payment to release the mobile app in an app store.

> Google Play Store charges a one-time registration fee. 

> Apple App Store charges an annual fee of USD 99.

Apart from this, you will have to submit the following data to get approval for the app:

  • Privacy Policy

  • Copyright

You will have to bear the legal service charges to create these documents.

Marketing Expenses

Once you release your app, you must let your target audience know the news.

The right marketing strategy and campaigns will help your app reach more people.

Paid marketing helps to

  • promote your app

  • and make your app a hit in the market in less time,

So keep aside some money for marketing purposes.

App Maintenance

Do you think your work is over once you create an app?

The answer is a clear NO.

  • Fixing the bugs

  • Code optimization

  • Rolling out regular updates

  • Timely maintenance

  • Providing technical support

The above activities ensure that your app remains up-to-date and bug-free.

Administrative Costs

You will have to spend some amount on administrative services.

To give you a better idea, let us give you a few examples of paid administrative services:

  • Content management tools

  • Access control system

  • App analytics tools, etc.

  • Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure Costs

You will also have to face expenses for

  • Hosting your app

  • Cloud storage

  • CDN services

Hiring Costs

If you plan to create an app with your in-house team, apart from the app development cost, you will have to bear additional factors that will increase your expenses:

  • The salaries of your employees

  • Setting up the infrastructure

Hiring Cost

Hiring a freelancer can be the cheapest option. But it may be risky. A person can only be proficient in some areas. So, you will have to hire multiple people to complete the app development.

Finding a mobile app development company like RaftLabs can be the safest option. They will possess

  • Extensive knowledge

  • Hands-on experience

It can help you get the optimum results within less time.

However, the app development cost may change according to the location of the mobile app development company.

RegionAndroid App Development ($/hr)iOS App Development ($/hr)


North America$150 - $200$165 - $250

Australia$90 - $150$90 - $150UK$50 - $130$70 - $150

South America$35 - $120$40 - $110

Europe$25 - $100$35 - $120

India$20 - $80$25- $85

Indonesia$25 - $85$25- $90

7. Key specialists in a mobile app development team

You will require a team with the following specialists to create an app with basic features:

Project Manager

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Lead for planning the project execution.
  2. Management of the project.
  3. Ensures the project gets delivered on time.

Business Analyst

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze the details of a project.
  2. Identifies if there is any room for improvement.
  3. Prepare project progress reports for clients.

Front-end Developer

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Client-side development.
  2. Optimizes the application to ensure speed.

Backend Developer

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Server-side development.
  2. Database setup.

UX/UI Designer

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Create a prototype.
  2. Ensure effective and smooth interaction for the users.

QA Analyst

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Test the application.
  2. Identify the flaws and bugs and report them to the respective teams.

8. How much does a mobile app development cost?

Let us find out the approximate mobile app development cost:

App Development Cost For Simple Mobile Apps

Number of features: 4 to 5

Characteristics: minimal content, less interactive elements, simple UI/UX design

Development time: 6 to 8 weeks

Budget Estimate: US$ 10-25k

App Development Cost For Medium Mobile Apps

Number of features: 6 to 9

Characteristics: more content, fewer interactive elements, 3rd party integrations

Development time: 3 to 4 months

Budget Estimate: US$ 25-50k

App Development Cost For Complex Mobile Apps

Number of features: 10 to 15

Characteristics: high performance, feature-rich, conversion-driven design

Development time: 3 to 4 months

Budget Estimate: starts from US$ 50K

9. Mobile App Development Costs Of Famous Startups

Let us find some of the app development costs some well-known startups collected for app development purposes at the beginning of their journey.

  • Uber: The company utilized a $200k seed investment to develop its mobile app and test the beta version.

  • Instagram: The software concept of the app received $500K in seed funding that helped develop the mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

  • Snapchat: The social media app raised $485K as seed funding in 2012.

  • Zomato: The mobile app was earlier known as Foodiebay and received an investment of 4.7M as seed funding in 2010.

  • Tinder: The dating mobile app raised $485K in 2012.

10. Our Case Studies

A. Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

Objective: An app for managing events, membership clubs, and communities.

Industry: Entertainment and events

Target Audience: Event organizers

Check how we created an Android iPhone app within 20 weeks >> Click here.

B. Engagement & Training app for Employees

Engagement & Training app for Employees

Engagement & Training App for Employees

Objective: A mobile app game for employees to learn more about the company while having fun

Industry: Healthcare

Target Audience: Employees

Check how we created an Android iPhone app within 18 weeks >> Click here.

C. Trivia Game App for Employees

Trivia Game App for Employees

Objective: A mobile app game for employees to learn more about the company while having fun

Industry: Engagement and communication

Target Audience: Employees

Check how we created an Android iPhone app within 16 weeks >> Click here.


A mobile app development company can help you build lovable mobile applications in less time. Before you sign the contract to create your mobile app, discuss the costs and time with the app development company. Approaching the right people can make a big difference.

Engineers at RaftLabs will help you develop an app at a minimum cost. Before starting the project, we will provide you with an estimated budget and time your mobile app development will require. Our team is always enthusiastic about sharing ideas that will help enhance your app's features.

Contact us for a free technical consultation if you wish to outsource your web app development project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does mobile app development cost?

    Mobile app development costs can vary according to app complexity, the number of platforms it supports, the development team, etc. So it is not possible to give an exact price. Find the approximate cost for mobile app development below:

    Simple Mobile Apps: US$ 10-25k

    Medium Mobile Apps: US$ 25-50k

    Complex Mobile Apps: starts from US$ 50K

  • Is there a difference in the app development cost while building an app for iOS and for Android?

    There are no significant price differences for single-platform development. Developing apps that can support multiple platforms can cost you more.

  • How to find the right tech vendor to develop your mobile app?

    First, research the mobile app development companies. Check whether they offer their services at affordable rates and have a well-experienced team. Check out their portfolio to find information about the apps they have built. Gather feedback about them from earlier clients. Schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and determine their development process and procedures.

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