Telehealth Platform for Streamlining Remote Care Management

We future-proofed remote care with a user-friendly telehealth platform. This innovative solution helps patients connect with doctors virtually, streamlining remote care management and enhancing accessibility for everyone's busy schedules.

Telehealth app (Under NDA)

Business Context

Chronic health issues like diabetes and heart disease require ongoing care. However, scheduling frequent in-person appointments can be a hassle for both patients and healthcare providers. Our telehealth platform tackles this challenge by offering a convenient and user-friendly solution. This innovative platform allows patients to connect with doctors remotely, making remote care management more accessible and easier to fit into busy schedules.


Web and Mobile App


14 weeks



To achieve seamless functionality and scalability, we leveraged a robust tech stack.

reactjs logo

ReactJS for responsive interface

Typescript Logo

TypeScript for robust code

AWS logo

AWS for scalability

Hasura Logo

Hasura for efficient data access

PostgreSQL Logo

PostgreSQL for secure data storage

Partnership Goal

Our primary objective in this collaboration was to build a remote care platform, a user-friendly portal designed for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. This platform aimed to deliver a multitude of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers.


  • Inconvenient in-person visits
  • Limited access to specialists


  • Remote consultations
  • Expanded specialist access

Team Formation

The project demanded a team that thrived on collaboration and innovation. Led by an experienced Project Manager, we assembled 8 skilled engineers with expertise in ReactJS, backend development, and secure data storage.

One key challenge was ensuring a seamless user experience across diverse devices. The team tackled this by prioritizing responsive design and intuitive functionality. It resulted in a user-friendly platform that simplifies remote checkups and diagnosis.

Company to build a telehealth app

increase in patient engagement

clinics onboarded in just 12 weeks

reduction in in-person visits

Our partnership

In partnership with a forward-thinking healthcare company, we developed a user-friendly, feature-rich solution that revolutionizes remote healthcare services. The platform's effectiveness and our expertise in building impactful healthcare applications are evident in its rapid adoption.

Broad Device Compatibility

The platform integrates with various medical devices, from blood pressure monitors to glucometers. This flexibility empowers patients to leverage their existing equipment for remote consultations, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Broad Device Compatibility

Real-Time Health Insights

User-friendly data visualization tools give healthcare providers a real-time view of patient health trends, including vital signs and medication adherence. It allows for proactive care and informed decision-making.

Real-Time Health Insights

Automated Alerts

A customizable alert system triggers notifications for abnormal readings. It empowers timely intervention and helps prevent complications, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Providers can set personalized thresholds for various health metrics to ensure they get notified of critical changes.

Automated Alerts

Seamless Data Integration

Developers can streamline development and reduce costs through seamless integration with third-party platforms for device management and data analysis. It allows providers to leverage existing tools alongside the platform, creating a unified workflow.

Seamless Data Integration

The app is a lifesaver! Now I see my doc for checkups without leaving the house.

John Miller


What happened next

Working closely with our client, we developed a user-friendly platform that simplifies remote care management. The app's intuitive design and seamless workflow make it easy to schedule appointments and conduct remote consultations. This translates into tangible benefits: improved communication, reduced ER visits, shorter hospital stays, and better health outcomes.
The app's success story is evident: within 12 weeks of launch, over 50 clinics and 150+ hospitals adopted it. This strong performance has positioned the app as a leader in telehealth. The good news continues—our client has even more innovative ideas. We're already collaborating on the next version, packed with powerful features to further empower patients and healthcare providers.

Success story of building a remote telehealth app for remote care

Still curious?

  • How can I ensure a user-friendly experience for patients with varying technical skills?

    A responsive design is critical! Using frameworks like ReactJS in development, you can create an interface that adapts seamlessly across devices (phones, tablets, desktops). Additionally, prioritize intuitive functionalities with clear instructions. User-friendliness is crucial for telehealth app adoption, and a well-designed interface can significantly boost patient engagement.

  • What are the security considerations when building a telehealth platform?

    Security is paramount. Secure data storage solutions like PostgreSQL and tools that provide efficient data access while maintaining robust security protocols, like Hasura, are essential. You should partner with experienced developers, prioritizing secure coding practices and HIPAA compliance.

  • How can I integrate the app with various medical devices for remote data collection?

    Open APIs and device integration tools can be your allies. By ensuring seamless integration during development, you can empower patients to use their existing medical devices (blood pressure monitors, glucometers) with the app. It eliminates the need for extra purchases and improves patient engagement.

  • What are the benefits of real-time health data visualization for telehealth consultations?

    Real-time data is a game-changer! Tools like user-friendly data visualization dashboards give healthcare providers a clear picture of patient health trends. It allows for proactive care and better-informed decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a telehealth app?

    The development timeline depends on the app's complexity and features. A feature-rich telehealth app can take several months. Still, our experts can develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with core features in a shorter timeframe as they already have experience dealing with similar projects. If you want to discuss your telehealth app project and timeline, contact us for a free consultation! We can help you navigate the development process and create a successful telehealth solution.

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