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We developed a mobile POS app that helps businesses of all sizes to accept payments quickly and conveniently, on the go, and without using any expensive machines.

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Business Context

Many merchants, particularly in remote areas, lack the resources for traditional POS systems. Thus, they often face difficulties in accepting digital payments- a growing customer expectation. Our client approached us to develop a mobile app that bridges this gap, allowing them to compete and thrive in today's digital marketplace.


Web and Mobile App


14 weeks



Our team focused on crafting a robust and user-friendly mobile app using a modern tech stack.

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Next.js for smooth user experience

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Node.js for scalability

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Postgres DB for data storage

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Flutter for cross-platform development

Partnership Goal

Facing a challenge from their customers – a growing preference for digital payments – our client, particularly concerned about small businesses in remote areas, knew they needed a solution. Traditional POS systems were simply too expensive.
The answer- a mobile app! We developed an app that empowers businesses to take payments easily, on the go, and ditch those bulky machines. In doing so, our goal was to develop a mobile point-of-sale (POS) application that would streamline their payment processing system.


  • Traditional POS systems were inaccessible for many businesses.
  • The inability to accept digital payments hurts competitiveness.


  • The mPOS app allows easy payment processing.
  • Stay ahead with modern payment solutions.

Team Formation

Assembling the right team is crucial for any successful project. To develop this mobile POS app, we brought together a team of 12 skilled individuals with diverse expertise. The team included web developers who focused on the app's functionality on various platforms. Mobile app developers specifically worked on creating a user-friendly experience for both businesses and customers. Quality assurance testers carefully checked every feature to ensure a reliable and problem-free app.

A designer helped create an interface that's both easy to use and visually appealing. The product owner worked closely with the client to understand their vision, while the business analyst ensured the app addressed the key needs of the target market. Finally, a project manager kept the project on schedule and facilitated smooth collaboration between all team members. This combination of skills ensured the successful development and launch of the mobile POS app.

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app downloads in first 3 months

ratings in Google Play Store

transactions processed in 3 months

Our partnership

We work closely with our clients to create apps that solve real world problems. In this project, we partnered with a visionary client to develop a mobile app that transformed their payment system. The result was a user-friendly app that helped businesses to manage their digital transactions.

Pay with phones

Customers can ditch cash and cards by simply tapping their phone to pay. It's fast, secure, and convenient.

Pay with phones

Accepting payments

No more being tied to a counter! Businesses can accept payments on the go, whether they're delivering products, attending a market, or meeting clients.

Accepting payments

Multiple payment options

The app offers a variety of payment methods to cater to everyone's preference. Customers can choose from contactless cards, QR codes, tap and pay or link payments.

Multiple payment options

Valuable insights

This app goes beyond just processing payments. Businesses can access a user-friendly dashboard with real-time data and customizable filters.

Valuable insights

What happened next

Within just 3 months of launch, the POS app processed over 10,000 transactions, showing how much businesses and customers needed this solution. Businesses, especially in remote areas, finally had a user-friendly and affordable way to accept digital payments. This not only improved customer experience but also opened doors for increased sales and growth.

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Still curious?

  • Can a mobile app really replace traditional POS systems?

    Absolutely! mobile POS apps offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to bulky POS machines. Our app uses secure payment processing technologies and provides all the functionality businesses need to accept payments on the go. This helps businesses, especially in remote areas, to compete in the digital age without expensive equipment.

  • What are the technical challenges of building a mobile POS app?

    Security is paramount when dealing with financial transactions. A mobile POS app utilizes a robust tech stack that prioritizes data security. We used Next.js and Node.js to ensure a smooth user experience and scalability, while Postgres DB offers secure data storage. Another challenge is creating a user-friendly experience for both businesses and customers. Our team utilized Flutter for cross-platform development, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a mobile POS app?

    Development timelines can vary depending on the app's complexity and features. We developed mobile POS app was developed in just 14 weeks, showcasing our team's efficiency. However, a more complex app with additional features may require more time. Contact us to discuss your specific project and receive a tailored estimate.

  • What benefits can a mobile POS app offer businesses?

    Mobile POS apps offer a multitude of benefits:

    • Increased Sales: By accepting digital payments conveniently, businesses can cater to customer preferences and potentially see a rise in sales.

    • Improved Customer Experience: A user-friendly app allows for faster and more convenient transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

    • Enhanced Mobility: Unlike traditional POS systems, mobile apps allow businesses to accept payments on the go, opening doors for new sales opportunities.

    • Reduced Costs: Mobile POS apps eliminate the need for expensive hardware, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses.

  • What are some unique features to consider when developing a mobile POS app?

    • Offline functionality: Allow transactions to be processed even with limited internet connectivity.

    • Inventory management: Integrate features for businesses to track inventory levels and manage stock.

    • Customer insights: Provide businesses with valuable data on customer behavior and spending habits.

  • How can I develop a mobile POS app?

    RaftLabs has extensive experience developing mobile POS solutions. Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from concept to launch. Contact us to discuss your project and explore how we can help you develop a successful mobile POS app.

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