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We built a platform to transform passive learning into an engaging experience that boosts employee knowledge and fosters a strong company culture.


Business Context

Today's businesses face the challenge of keeping employees engaged and informed, especially with a dispersed workforce. Traditional methods often lack interactivity and struggle to capture employee attention.


Mobile App


16 weeks


Engagement and Communication

Our focus was on a robust and scalable solution.


Kotlin for Android app development


Swift for iOS app development

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AWS for media content processing


MongoDB for flexible Database

Partnership Goal

We were approached by a client to create a trivia game for their employees so they learn more about the company, products, company's history, vision etc. along with having fun.


  • Fragmented information, low engagement, limited access.
  • Weak sense of company culture and goals


  • Centralized knowledge, interactive and engaging.
  • Strong company culture through friendly competition and interaction.

Team Formation

Our team comprised five skilled engineers with expertise in mobile app development, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Understanding the client's need to address low employee engagement, we crafted an innovative solution: a mobile trivia app. This gamified platform utilizes interactive quizzes and challenges, transforming knowledge retention into a fun and engaging experience. The team's diverse skill set allowed for the creation of a user-friendly app that effectively bridges the gap between traditional training methods and the need for a more interactive learning environment.

Team Formation

engaging content modules

daily active users

completion rate per quiz

Our partnership

Our mission was to create a central hub for employees. This hub offers engaging trivia, knowledge-testing quizzes, and company updates – all in one convenient location. By gamifying the learning process, the app transforms knowledge retention into an enjoyable and interactive experience. This approach not only boosts employee engagement but also fosters a stronger connection with the company and its culture.

Rich Content Library

Varied content formats like multiple-choice quizzes, image/video-based questions, and open-ended challenges keep learning fresh and exciting.

Rich Content Library

Personalized Learning Paths

Cater to individual interests and knowledge levels by offering customized quizzes and difficulty adjustments.


Leaderboards and Badges

Fuel friendly competition and incentivize participation by showcasing top performers and awarding badges for achievements.

Leaderboards & Badges

Real-time Analytics

Provide players with immediate feedback on their performance and offer insights into areas for further learning.

Real Time Analytics

All of the sprints were completed on schedule and on budget. We highly recommend Raftlabs!

Charles E.

Entrepreneur at Aggie Technologies



Charles E.

What happened next

The project's success speaks for itself. With over 5,000 daily active users, the trivia app transformed how employees learned about the company. This translates to a significant portion of the workforce actively engaging with company information and updates daily. This surge in user base reflects the app's effectiveness in fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and connection.

What Happened next

Have further questions?

  • What are the advantages of using a trivia app for employee training?

    Traditional training methods can be passive and dull. A trivia app like ours uses gamification to make learning interactive and fun. This approach in our project resulted in an impressive 85% quiz completion rate, showcasing how trivia can significantly boost employee engagement and knowledge retention compared to lectures or manuals.

  • What technical considerations are important for a successful trivia app?

    For a smooth and engaging user experience, using native development frameworks like Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS is key. This ensures the app feels natural on each platform. Additionally, a scalable cloud infrastructure, like AWS in our case, is crucial to handle a growing user base and ensure the app runs smoothly for all employees.

  • Can a trivia app be customized for our specific company and industry?

    Absolutely! The beauty of a trivia app is its adaptability. The content and difficulty of questions can be tailored to your industry, specific roles within the company, and even company history or fun facts. This personalization keeps the app relevant and addresses the unique learning needs of your workforce.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a mobile trivia app?

    Development time can vary depending on features and complexity. Our project, for instance, was completed in 16 weeks using efficient development practices. This timeframe is a good benchmark for a functional trivia app with core features like quizzes, badges, and leaderboards.

  • We're interested in a similar trivia app for our company. What's the next step?

    If you're looking to create an engaging mobile trivia app to boost employee engagement and knowledge retention, RaftLabs can help! Contact us to discuss your project's specific needs and how we can tailor a gamified learning solution for your company. We'll leverage our expertise, like the one showcased in this project, to develop a successful mobile trivia app that fits your company culture and training goals.

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