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We build a remote working app for Worxsquad featuring immersive 3D meeting rooms and dynamic 2D virtual offices, powered by our efficient tech stack.

Worx Squad

Business Context

The rise of hybrid work models has created a challenge for businesses: managing communication, engagement, and tasks across geographically dispersed teams. Worx Squad addresses this by providing an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools and brings a sense of community among remote and in-office employees. The client wanted to bring up productivity, streamline workflows, and reduce collaboration costs for businesses of all sizes by building such an app.


Web and Desktop App


24 weeks



On the technical side, we focused on building a robust and scalable platform

reactjs logo

ReactJS for frontend with great UX

AWS logo

AWS for secure and scalable cloud infrastructure


Electron to pack the app and create a desktop app

Partnership Goal

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shifted the way we work, forcing businesses to adapt to a more distributed and hybrid work model. This presented a challenge: how to maintain collaboration, engagement, and productivity amidst a dispersed workforce.


  • Teams struggle to collaborate and feel distant.
  • Inefficient methods for project updates and discussions.
  • Lack of tools for managing tasks & sharing resources.


  • Streamlined communication & project management for remote teams.
  • Fosters team spirit despite physical distance.
  • Interactive features keep teams motivated.
  • Efficient workflows boost team output.

Team Formation

Building Worx Squad wasn't just about writing code, it was about teamwork. We, a dedicated team of engineers with diverse expertise in web and app development, came together under the guidance of an experienced project manager. We tackled unique challenges head-on, ensuring a seamless user experience for hybrid teams.
These challenges included managing the development of massive, complex modules, optimizing data handling for our vast database, and crafting immersive virtual experiences. We utilized Konva.js to build dynamic 2D virtual rooms, replicating the in-office experience.
Additionally, we implemented cutting-edge 3D technology for realistic 3D meeting rooms, fostering a sense of presence in video conferences. Through collaboration and expertise, we bridged the gap between technical hurdles and user experience, contributing significantly to the success of Worx Squad.

Team Formation

for 1st version launch

audio & video mins usage in first 2 weeks of beta launch

reduction in collaboration costs

Our partnership

We teamed up with our client to build Worx Squad, an app that helps teams work together even when they're not in the same place. We used our app-building skills to create a platform with lots of useful and exciting features that have already helped over 10,000 people work better together in just 6 months!

Chat & Video Calls

Talk face-to-face with anyone on your team, anytime, with built-in video and audio calls. No need for multiple apps!

Chat & Video Calls

Stay on Top of Tasks

Easily assign, manage, and track tasks for your projects, ensuring everyone knows what to do and keeps moving forward.

Stay On top of tasks

Share & Collaborate

Share documents and files directly within the app, making collaboration smoother and avoiding confusion about where things are stored.

Share & Collaborate

Build Team Spirit

Recognize achievements, create a fun online space to connect with colleagues, and even access resources on employee wellbeing - all within Remotely!

Build Team Spirit

Thanks to RL Remotely team for experimenting with an innovative remote work application for employee engagement and enterprise productivity.

Mohit S.

Founder, WorxRemotely



Mohit S.

What happened next

We're proud to be part of making hybrid work easier for businesses and their teams with Worxsquad, an all-in-one app. In just 6 months, over 10,000 people have downloaded the app! Users love it: nearly 8 out of 10 feel closer to colleagues, and teams are working 20% better together and getting 15% more done!

Integrating the app with popular tools, gaining deeper insights into team performance, and optimizing the app for mobile devices are just some of the ways we're continuously improving the platform based on valuable user feedback and the ever-changing needs of hybrid work. We're glad to see these results, demonstrating how the app is helping hybrid teams thrive in the dynamic work landscape.

What Happened Next

Have further questions?

  • What are the benefits of building a 3D virtual meeting space into a collaboration app?

    3D meeting spaces offer a more immersive and engaging experience compared to traditional video conferencing. This can lead to increased focus, better communication, and a stronger sense of presence for remote teams. However, building 3D environments requires a powerful graphics engine and expertise in 3D development. For Worxsquad, we leveraged cutting-edge 3D technology to create a realistic meeting experience, but this did add complexity to the development process.

  • What are the technical considerations for building a scalable platform for a remote work app?

    Accommodating a growing user base requires a robust and scalable back-end infrastructure. Worxsquad utilizes cloud-based solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the platform can handle a large number of users and data. Considering scalability from the beginning of development is essential for any application with the potential for significant growth.

  • In how much time can I develop a hybrid work app like Remotely?

    The development timeline for a complex app depends on various factors like feature set and desired level of customization. The Worxsquad project was completed in 24 weeks, showcasing the efficiency of a well-defined development process with a skilled team. If you have a clear vision for your app and a desire to move quickly, partnering with an experienced development team can significantly reduce time to market.

  • What are the benefits of using a single technology stack for a hybrid work app?

    Maintaining a unified tech stack like the one used in Worxsquad (ReactJS for frontend, Agora.io SDK for communication, AWS for cloud infrastructure) offers several advantages. It simplifies development, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures better code integration across different functionalities of the app.

  • Considering building a hybrid work app to boost your team's productivity and collaboration?

    RaftLabs has extensive experience in developing successful hybrid work solutions. We can help you navigate the technical challenges, choose the right technology stack, and deliver an app that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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