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We built a platform for a pharmaceutical company to enable its 5,000+ frontline employees to align with the company's mission through engaging activities, communication updates, and ongoing learning tracks.

EMS Connect

Business Context

Pharmaceutical companies face a constant need for a highly skilled and informed workforce. Keeping employees updated on advancements, ensuring consistent training across a large, geographically dispersed team, and fostering engagement can be difficult. Traditional methods often prove expensive, time-consuming, and struggle to capture employee attention. Here's where EMS Connect steps in. This mobile app specifically addresses these challenges within the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a fun and interactive platform for employees to learn and get trained.


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Our development team ensured optimal app performance through a robust tech stack.

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Partnership Goal

We collaborated with a leading pharmaceutical company to address the need for a modern and engaging employee training solution. Our objective was to develop a mobile app to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical employees learn and stay informed.


  • Classroom-based training disrupted schedules and offered limited accessibility.
  • Static content hampered knowledge retention and engagement.
  • Lack of personalized learning paths hindered skill development.


  • Employees access targeted training modules and personalized learning paths aligned with their specific roles.
  • Interactive features and gamified elements boost motivation and knowledge retention.
  • Bite-sized learning content enables employees to learn anytime, anywhere.

Team Formation

To tackle the complexities of building the mobile app, we had a skilled team of 8 engineers. Each member brought their expertise and together they had a strong understanding of mobile app development, backend functionalities, and user interface design.

One main challenge they encountered was ensuring seamless data synchronization across various devices. In the pharmaceutical industry, where consistent access to up-to-date information is crucial, this was paramount. The team successfully addressed this by implementing efficient caching mechanisms, guaranteeing that employees have the latest training materials readily available, even in situations with limited internet connectivity.

Their collaborative efforts were crucial in bringing the vision of EMS Connect to life, ensuring a user-friendly and effective training platform for the pharmaceutical industry.

Team formation

active daily users

mins daily average usage

reduction in training time

Our partnership

We recently partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company to address a critical need: training and engaging their 7,000+ strong workforce. Our collaborative efforts resulted in the development of a powerful mobile application that is user-friendly and provides a platform for effective training of the employees.

Engaging Learning

This feature provides employees with access to bite-sized learning modules, personalized learning paths, and interactive elements like gamification to keep them motivated and actively engaged in the learning process.

Engaging Learning

Real-time Communication

Secure messaging features facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among staff.

Real-time Communication

Offline Access

Downloadable training materials allow employees to learn even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Offline Access

Recorded Video Capture

Employees could easily capture field reports, product demonstrations, or customer interactions through video recordings.

Recorded Video Capture

What happened next

EMS Connect's impact on the pharmaceutical industry has been significant. Early results show a 42% increase in user engagement, indicating employees are actively utilizing the platform. Furthermore, training completion rates have jumped to 40%, demonstrating a substantial increase in the number of employees actively acquiring new skills and knowledge. This translates to a 20% reduction in overall training time, saving companies valuable resources.

Success story

Have further questions?

  • How can a mobile app keep employees engaged with training content?

    Traditional training methods often struggle to hold employee attention. An engaging app like EMS Connect uses techniques like:

    • Bite-sized learning modules: Smaller, focused lessons make it easier for employees to learn on-the-go during breaks or downtime.

    • Gamification: Points, badges, and leaderboards can introduce a fun element to learning, motivating users to complete tasks and progress through training.

    • Personalized learning paths: Tailoring content to individual roles and needs keeps employees interested by focusing on relevant information.

  • What technical challenges arise when developing a mobile app for geographically dispersed teams?

    A critical challenge is ensuring seamless data access across various devices and network connections. In EMS Connect, we addressed this by:

    • Offline access: Employees can download training materials for later access, even in areas with limited internet.

    • Data caching: The app stores data locally on the device using technologies like Next.js. This allows users to access information even with a weak signal.

  • Can an employee training app integrate with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

    Yes, integration is important for a smooth workflow and centralized data management. Our development team has experience creating solutions that work alongside existing LMS platforms. This lets companies leverage their current infrastructure while adding the benefits of a mobile app.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a mobile app like EMS Connect?

    The development timeline depends on the desired features and functionalities. For a core set of features similar to EMS Connect, the process typically takes 4-6 months. Adding more complex functionalities may extend the development cycle.

  • What are the key metrics for measuring the success of an employee training app?

    Engagement is a crucial indicator. In the EMS Connect project, we saw a 42% increase in user engagement and a 40% jump in training completion rates. This demonstrates the app's effectiveness in keeping employees motivated and actively learning.

  • Ready to build your own engaging employee training app?

    RaftLabs has extensive experience developing user-centric and impactful mobile solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can help you create a successful mobile app for employee training and communication. Our team can guide you through the entire process, from concept to development and deployment.

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