Centralized Marketplace App for Vehicle Sales

We built an app that tackles common pain points for sellers, dealers, and the entire automotive industry, resulting in increased efficiency and broader reach.

Snelweg Deals (SWD)

Business Context

The traditional car selling process can be clunky and time-consuming for sellers and dealerships. Sellers need help finding buyers and getting the best price, while dealers spend hours sourcing vehicles. SWD saw an opportunity to improve this by creating a centralized marketplace app that simplifies listing, streamlines bidding, and connects buyers and sellers efficiently.


Web and Mobile App


14 weeks


Automotive Industry

We used a powerful tech stack to deliver a robust and scalable marketplace platform.

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Flutter for a smooth UX across devices

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Tailwind CSS for rapid styling

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PostgreSQL for efficient data management

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React JS for web app development

Partnership Goal

We aimed to create a user-friendly app that simplifies buying and selling used cars. Instead of the old way, SWD creates one central location for car listings and auctions. It streamlines the process for sellers and dealers, making the entire car trade smoother.


  • Sellers faced complex listing processes
  • Limited reach for sellers, especially individuals
  • Inefficient communication with buyers
  • Lack of control and transparency for sellers


  • Effortless car listing for sellers and dealers
  • Transparent bidding with negotiation options
  • Seamless communication throughout the process
  • Streamlined transactions with secure contact sharing and invoicing

Team Formation

Assembling the perfect team for SWD was crucial. We brought together a group of experienced developers with mobile and web app development expertise. It ensured a seamless user experience across all platforms. Additionally, designers with a keen eye for user-friendliness joined the team to craft an intuitive interface for sellers and dealers. The team faced unique challenges, like integrating a secure communication system within the bidding process. However, through open communication and collaboration, they overcame these hurdles and delivered a successful app.

Company to centralized marketplace app for buying and selling vehicles

reduction in listing time

increase in buyer engagement

in monthly active users

Our partnership

Collaborating with SWD on their innovative centralized marketplace app was a thrilling opportunity for us. The app helped elevate the vehicle buying and selling experience while allowing us to showcase our expertise in crafting user-centric marketplace apps.

Effortless Listings

Our intuitive interface simplifies the car listing process, allowing sellers to upload details and photos in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. It translates to faster sales cycles and quicker access to a broader market.

Effortless Listings

Transparent Bidding

SWD's open bidding system with an option for manual negotiation fostered a competitive environment, leading to double the buyer engagement compared to previous platforms. It resulted in potentially higher final sale prices for sellers and a more comprehensive selection for dealers.

Transparent Bidding

Seamless Communication

SWD facilitates secure communication between sellers and dealers throughout the bidding process. It ensures clear understanding and fosters trust, leading to a smoother transaction experience for all parties involved.

Seamless Communication

Effortless Transactions

The platform allows for secure contact sharing upon bid confirmation and facilitates invoicing for successful transactions. It eliminates unnecessary steps and streamlines the final stages of the buying and selling process.

Effortless Transactions

What happened next

SWD's success speaks for itself. User-friendly listing features led to a 3x faster listing time for sellers. At the same time, the transparent bidding system with manual negotiation options resulted in double the buyer engagement compared to previous platforms. This surge in activity fueled a thriving marketplace, with monthly active users growing by an impressive 78% within just 6 months of launch. SWD's impact on the industry demonstrated the power of a user-centric approach to revolutionize the car buying and selling experience.

Success story of building a centralized marketplace app for buying and selling vehicles

Still curious?

  • What are the biggest challenges in developing a car marketplace app?

    One major hurdle is ensuring a secure and seamless user experience. This integrates secure communication channels, robust user authentication, and reliable data storage. In SWD, we achieved this by leveraging a combination of technologies, such as AWS Serverless Lambda for secure backend functions and GraphQL and Hasura for efficient API management.

  • How can I create a user-friendly listing process for both sellers and dealers?

    Simplicity is key! An intuitive interface with clear instructions and drag-and-drop functionality for adding photos and vehicle details can significantly improve listing times. In SWD, we used a combination of React JS and Flutter to create a user-friendly experience across mobile and web platforms, leading to a reported 3x faster listing time for sellers.

  • What are the benefits of integrating a bidding system with manual negotiation?

    Transparency and flexibility are crucial for a thriving marketplace. A bidding system with the option for manual negotiation allows sellers to receive higher offers while allowing buyers to discuss specific details. SWD's implementation of this feature resulted in double the buyer engagement compared to traditional methods.

  • How can I ensure my app caters to both individual sellers and dealerships?

    Developing separate user roles with tailored functionalities is essential. Sellers might need a simple listing interface and secure communication channels, while dealerships could benefit from features like bulk listing and inventory management tools. We addressed these diverse needs in SWD's project through a well-defined user role system.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a marketplace app like SWD?

    The development timeline depends on the app's complexity and feature set. However, with a clear vision and an experienced development team, you can develop a well-designed marketplace app like SWD within a reasonable timeframe. Contact us to discuss your project and explore the possibilities!

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