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Remote theaters in India often relied on physical film reels, leading to delays, limited content options, and high distribution costs.We developed a custom Android app that helped remote theaters with on-demand content delivery, reducing network and infrastructure expenses while reaching over 4,000 screens.

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Business Context

The movie industry is undergoing a digital revolution. While giants like Netflix dominate individual streaming, a hidden market thrives – small-screen theaters! Our client who is a leading movie rights distributor in India, is to reach their network of 4,000 theaters equipped with Android set-top boxes (STBs). But these theaters often face challenges with limited bandwidth and unreliable internet connections.


Android STB Apps and Admin Web App


18 weeks



We built the platform using a powerful tech stack.


GoLang for scalable backend development.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server for secure data management

AWS logo

AWS to ensure robust cloud-based delivery

Partnership Goal

Our mission was to create a mobile app that streamlines movie delivery for ULT Movies and empowers their theaters. The app tackles the industry's bandwidth limitations by optimizing content for efficient delivery even on weak connections. Additionally, advanced security features ensure content protection.


Our client relied on a cumbersome physical distribution system. Theaters received limited content with delays, impacting their ability to attract audiences.


Now, small-screen theaters receive new movie releases every week with a tap, ensuring a smooth and secure content flow.

Team Formation

A highly skilled team of 10 engineers formed the backbone of this project. Their expertise spanned various domains: mobile app development ensured user-friendly and feature-rich applications for the Android set-top boxes. Backend infrastructure specialists built robust and scalable systems to handle data processing and application demands. Finally, secure data management professionals safeguarded sensitive information through robust security protocols and encryption techniques.

This diverse skill set proved invaluable, especially when tackling the challenge of offline playback in areas with unreliable internet. The team's ingenuity led to the development of a clever caching system, allowing theaters to download movies beforehand. This innovative solution ensured seamless viewing experiences even in challenging network conditions.

Team Formation

reduced network and infrastructure costs

more than STBs in a single screen

increase in average watch time

Our partnership

ULT Movies, a leading movie rights distributor in India, approached us with a vision. They needed a secure, reliable platform to deliver new releases directly to theaters via Android set-top boxes (STBs). And, we started working together with the client to turn that vision into reality.

User-Friendly Interface

Our designer made sure that there were no complicated menus while designing the app. This app lets the users go through the list of movies. We have kept it simple - find the film you want; play immediately to watch it.

User -Friendly Interface

New Movies Every Week

Just like browsing new arrivals at a store, theaters get fresh movie choices every week. This means they can always offer the latest hits to keep audiences excited.

New Movies Every Week

Offline Playback

Unreliable internet connectivity is no longer a barrier. The app incorporates a clever caching system that allows theaters to download movies in advance. This guarantees uninterrupted viewing experiences, even in areas with limited or unstable internet access.

Offline Playback

Analytics Integration

Gain valuable insights into audience preferences. The platform offers basic analytics tools that track movie viewership trends within the theater. This data can be used to understand audience engagement, identify popular content, and potentially inform programming decisions.

Analytics Integration

What happened next

Following this success, our client witnessed a surge in their business. Theaters across India embraced the platform, leading to wider content distribution and potentially increased customer satisfaction. The platform's reliability, with near-perfect 99% uptime, ensured minimal disruptions and a seamless viewing experience for audiences. This win-win situation paved the way for a future where even remote audiences could enjoy the latest blockbusters on the big screen.

What happened Next

Have further questions?

  • Can an app really reduce network costs for movie theaters?

    Absolutely! Traditional film reels require significant physical transportation and storage. An app like ours utilizes content optimization techniques and server-side processing (like with GoLang) to efficiently deliver movies even on low bandwidth connections. This can significantly reduce network infrastructure expenses for theaters, as seen in our project where we achieved a 60% reduction for ULT Movies.

  • How does the app ensure secure movie delivery for theaters?

    Security is paramount. Our app utilizes a combination of techniques to safeguard content. Secure data management with SQL Server protects sensitive information. Additionally, the app itself employs robust encryption methods to prevent unauthorized access during movie delivery.

  • Our theaters are in remote areas with unreliable internet. Can your app still work?

    Yes! One of the key features of our app is its innovative caching system. Theaters can download movies beforehand, allowing playback to continue uninterrupted even during internet outages. This feature was crucial for ULT Movies, where it ensured a seamless viewing experience for theaters in areas with limited connectivity.

  • What kind of features should a theater streaming app have?

    A user-friendly interface is essential. Our app uses a simple design that prioritizes ease of use. Theaters can easily browse available titles and launch playback with minimal steps. Additionally, features like "New Movies Every Week" keep content fresh and allow theaters to offer the latest releases to their audience.

  • How long does it typically take to develop a movie streaming app for theaters?

    The development timeline can vary depending on project complexity. Our project for ULT Movies was completed in 18 weeks. This efficient development cycle was achieved through a highly skilled team with expertise in mobile app development (Android Studio in our case) and backend infrastructure (utilizing services like AWS).

    Interested in developing a similar app to streamline movie delivery for your theaters? Contact RaftLabs to discuss your project and explore how we can help you achieve similar success!

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