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Best 7 eCommerce Slack Groups in 2024

If you are an eCommerce Merchant looking for practical knowledge and learnings, then slack's eCommerce communities are a perfect place for you. Here, merchants and developers interact with each other, learn from each other's failures and successes, and strive towards success together. In this article, we have curated the list of the top 7 such slack communities that one should definitely join to learn about eCommerce.

thehustle- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021


The community behind . Here, you can discuss entrepreneurship, tech, business ventures, music, etc. Come here to share business advice, seek or provide mentorship, or collaborate with driven "hustlers" .

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691 subscribers

Shopify Partners Slack Community- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021

Shopify Partners Slack Community

Join the official Slack community for Shopify Partners such as app developers, theme developers, Shopify agencies and other ecosystem partners who work towards enabling merchants. It's a large and active community of people all across the world, and is also the official channel for Shopify Partner Townhalls.

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12.8K subscribers

OnlineGeniuses- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021


Online Geniuses is available to thousands of members as a free Slack community, but also includes a Pro community of dedicated marketers, an online marketplace, and talent network. Over 30,000 industry experts participate in Online Geniuses from across the globe, including VPs, CMOs, freelancers, consultants, and agency owners from every niche in the digital marketing ecosystem.

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17K+ subscribers

International Business Community- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021

International Business Community

This community connect people doing international business with people who can help address their key challenges.

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600 subscribers

ADvengers Online- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021

ADvengers Online

ADvengers Marketing Chat is a community created by Ian Fernando for Affiliate Marketers. I want to create a group of members from all backgrounds, Social Media Marketing, CPA, PPC, PPV, SEO, Mobile Marketing and others.

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527 subscribers

Profit Society- eCommerce Slack Groups 2021

Profit Society

Take your business to the next level. In Profit Society, you can discuss all topics of online business & marketing.

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653 subscribers

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