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A new way to visually layout your Origami prototypes with freeform drawing tools, text editing, and visual components. Wire up flows between screens with built-in present and dismiss animations. Visually layout your components in the Canvas and combine them with powerful interactions in the patch editor. Tap into native hardware APIs. Expand the potential of your prototypes with patches that unlock hardware capabilities. Copy and paste editable vector shape and text layers into Origami. Capture, trim, and export video of your prototype directly in Origami. Easily share prototypes in critique, reviews, or just for fun. Origami performance gets an upgrade. Faster patch editor, faster viewer, faster everything. Preview your prototype on both simulated and physical devices. Importing from design tools like Sketch is as simple as copying and pasting. Make sure you have the Origami Pasteboard installed from the Figma plugin community.

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