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GPT-4o, building on the foundation of GPT-4, is even more creative and collaborative. It retains all the capabilities of GPT-4 and enhances them with its multimodal abilities. Here’s what GPT-4o brings to the table:

  • Multimodal Interaction: It can understand and generate content across text, images, and audio.

  • Composing Music: With an understanding of both lyrics and melodies, it can assist in creating complete musical pieces.

  • Writing Screenplays: It can help flesh out scenes with descriptive visuals and dynamic dialogue.

  • Learning Writing Styles: It adapts to your writing nuances for a seamless collaboration.

  • Technical Writing Tasks: Whether it’s drafting code or technical documents, GPT-4o can iterate with users to refine content.

GPT-4o’s advancements make it an unparalleled AI companion for creative endeavors and technical projects alike, offering a richer, more interactive experience. Whether you’re composing a song with audio elements or writing a screenplay with visual descriptions, GPT-4o is equipped to contribute creatively and technically.

Pricing: $0.0200 per 1000 tokens

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